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(Legal Question) How would I include this form into a legal document prepared for the court?

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) November 11th, 2010

Let’s say that I am preparing a document (memo, brief, whatever) for the court. I want to include the following consent form: Form

Procedurally and legally, how would I go about including that form in my document? (i.e. I am not looking for an answer like “cut and paste”) Is there a certain citation format I need to use? Is the form even admissible in a court of law?

P.S. For all intents and purposes, assume that the form is relevant to my case.

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The court to which you are making the application will have both general (state or federal) and specific (county, district, etc.) rules regarding court procedure. The court website should contain the relevant procedural rules for you to follow, including format, page allowances, fonts, etc.

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Check the Rules of Civil Procedure (if this is a civil case) to see how your do it in your jurisdiction. I would think you could make it an exhibit or attachment.

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Are you acting pro se or do you have a lawyer? The document would normally be produced as evidence but not in the original filing. Follow all the good advice above.

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Maybe you could or should explain how “the form” is relevant to the case. The text of the form certainly could be relevant, as any contract language could be the basis for a case. But “the form” itself? I hardly see how it’s relevant at all, unless it’s a copyright type of case.

Am I missing something?

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If you refer to the form in your brief, you may attach the form as an Exhibit (Exhibit 1 or Exhibit A). You can get exhibit stickers at any office supply store. You usually place the sticker on the lower right corner of the document. Attach the document to your brief with a paperclip.

Any references to the exhibit in your main document should include the name of the document and in parentheses, add (see Exhibit A attached). For example: “As noted in the consent form, Mr. Lee only consented to entry into his apartment in the event of a fire.” (see Exhibit A attached)

When you file your document with the court, supply sufficient copies of the document with attached exhibit to meet the court’s local rules. Usually each party (or party’s attorney) will require a stamped copy, you’ll keep one for yourself and sometimes it’s required that you submit an additional copy for the judge.

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