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What are some items I can donate to a family in need?

Asked by Sunshine1245 (123points) November 11th, 2010

Like paper towels, condition, and food

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Extra towels, blankets, sheets. Canned products, old appliances in working order. Warm outerwear for the children. Dish soap, people soap, clothes soap. Toothbrushes, curtains, dishes. I always throw in one luxury item like chocolate or a scented candle too.

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Hygiene items, jackets/coats, linens, canned goods, gift cards for clothing stores or grocery stores…

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Like the ones above ..and I’d also add:
– Underwear (men’s/women’s/children’s).
– Socks
– Toilet paper
– Hair brush/combs.
– Utensils (also cooking ones and things like a can opener).
– Christmas decorations (if it’s for Christmas donation) – When I was one of those in need, as much as I needed everything I was given, those decorations made me so happy :)
– Pet food (if you know the people have a pet).
– Toys – stuffed animals can never go wrong.
– Gas gift cards (if they have a vehicle).
– Snow removal tools for vehicles and/or outdoors (again, season dependent).

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Gloves, coffee (if you know they drink it and have a pot), shampoo, conditioner, cleaning supplies, coats.

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Canned food, or other non-perishables. Basic necessities like toothpaste, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies. Books. Warm coats. Bedding.

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