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Can we have a "CIA" day?

Asked by anartist (14781points) November 11th, 2010

Announce one day a year when the CIA Q will be presented unredacted so everyone can enjoy? It is pretty dismal now.

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The first rule of the CIA question…you don’t talk about the CIA question.

What’s the CIA question?

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Sorry Luv…your question and detail has me lost. Can you explain in more simplistic terms for an elderly person?

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The OP is referring to a classic Fluther question, Is Fluther a front for the CIA?, in which almost all of the answers were removed… by the CIA, of course. Sadly, at the moment, the question won’t load. It’s just too long and it overwhelms the site. We hope to fix that situation soon, and then we might consider your proposal. Just bear in mind… we could let you read it, but then we might have to kill you. :P

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@augustlan Ah, thank you for your insight. That explains it.

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[Comment removed for your safety]

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@augustlan A fly in the ointment: Is that kill threat a CIA-authorised one, or just a communist plot?

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My lips are sealed. SEALED I tell you!

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@augustlan Now I will never know and be able to trust anyone again. (boohoo, sob, boohoo, sob.)

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sealed with a kiss? a kiss of death?

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@augustlan “Sadly, at the moment, the question won’t load. It’s just too long and it overwhelms the site.”

That’s not true at all is it? They made you take it down and they told you to say that…

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I knew my cake was in here somewhere…

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I smell conspiracy. Who has the video?

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I have the microfilm. Sergey had the video.

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Penguins are everywhere.

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The pancakes are just a front for surveillance on the guys wrapped in Aluminum foil uniforms….. Also known as Uni Form Officers. Blue book UFO’s

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@janbb – that’s because they have a plan

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That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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They’re coming! If I don’t get away you all need to know. There’s a copy in the

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I’ll miss you, @Trillian. You’ll be remembered as a hero….

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Hide your dog

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They tried to make me talk because I had commented on the CIA thread. I am not crazy, there really was a CIA thr

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I was oblivious to that question when it was running rampant. Believe that, or not. As you will.

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@augustlan Ah, does the question really overload the site….or is the SPYING software that records the intimate personal data of all who read it, so that the CIA can locate them and send operatives to their homes to install microchips in their head while they are asleep, what actually overloads it? ;P

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@diavolobella I’d wear a tin hat if I were you. Just sayin’.

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@chyna I wonder if a colander would work until mine arrives from ;)

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Did the CIA get @ChazMaz?? He didn’t show up at the safe house, and his profile appears to have been redacted.

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@MissAusten Shh… we are not to speak of such things.

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@augustlan is it hard to load because there are so many layers of deletions?

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[Comment and Flutherother removed by CIA]

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I honestly don’t have a damn clue about what is going on here, but I’m compelled to contribute – for I may miss something. & I hate when I get left out of the loop.

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I’m just trying to get to the bottom of th▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

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they are everywhere…be very careful!

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resistance is futile . . . or is that some other organizational entity?

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In all seriousness, I think it’s just because it has so many answers. I know @AstroChuck asked about one of his old questions the other day, and it won’t load for the same reason… we all talk too damn much! :p

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I’m not afraid. I don’t even think the CIA is real. I think you are all pretending to be scared, just for kicks. I see through you. I know what you are up to. I am your worst nightmare…..

oops. Sorry. Wrong script.

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@wundayatta whooooohaaaahaaa better watch out!

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You don’t need to worry about the CIA.
They have their hands full now that they are taking over the Afghanistan situation.
But you never know who you DO need to worry about.

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They also have to make me pancakes.

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@iamthemob there are some in the frizzer. Help yourself. :-P

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uhm, no.


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