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Could this mould damage my health?

Asked by nebule (16444points) November 12th, 2010

A few months ago I had a leaky roof in my bedroom. The water was coming in from the top of the window and for quite some time (months) it went unfixed (due to irresponsible landlord). It has been fixed now but the inside window frame is severely warped and at the top the wood is coming away from the wall and ceiling. Because of the damp there is an excessive amount of mould growing on the inside of the frame.

Could this mould be detrimental or damaging to mine and my son’s health? I’m asking because it’s taking such a long time to get my landlord to do anything and in the meantime I’m rather worried as we both seem to be quite ill one way or another.

Thank you x

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In a word, YES! Here’s a reliable government site on mold and health problems. Do a search for yourself. There are many links, both private and governmental.

You could try contacting your health department and see if they can make your landlord do anything about it…

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Yes. For about 4 years (between ages 6 and 10) I slept a couple feet away from a splotch of mold on my bedroom wall. I was on the top bunk, which was up against two walls, and the mold was in the corner up against the ceiling. That’s probably what caused my asthma when I was little, and asthma never really goes away. Right now it’s taken form of a nasty, dry, hacky cough. I would definitely do anything you can to get the landlord to fix it.

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You need to move you and your son to another living location. mold can be very dangerous to your lungs. if i were in your situation, i would begin building a case against your landlord for failure to act. take photographs of the window and its damage, gather any paperwork you have and compile them all, beginning with the first date you can remember, that you advised your landlord of the situation. he is liable. in the meantime, ask your landlord to move you to another apartment. if he does not comply, then add this information to your case and contact an attorney. winning a case is all dependent on its preparation.

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It depends on the type of mold, and the type of mold probably depends on where you live. Look it up on the internet, pictures and descriptions of the dangerous ones are readily available.

But even if its not super dangerous, as some kinds can be, it is bad for your home and probably your health if even only in small ways.

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It should be replaced because the wood is rotting, and you don’t know what’s going on inside the wall behind the window molding.

Generally, this type of repair would involve removing the window frame, removing the plaster and drywall and inspecting the studs behind the wall. Affected wood would be sprayed with a mold retardant or bleach solution, allowed to dry, then painted with a sealer. The plaster/drywall would be replaced, and new molding put up.

Black mold is not good for your health, and the mold spores can become airborne.

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eeeeewwwww…thanks guys…that’s a bit scary actually!! going to have a more detailed inspection of it and see if I can find out what kind it is… and then phone my landlord…again

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If you call your health department to inspect, they will make your landlord take notice. They will have you move out of the house while repairs are being made however.

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@nebule and @BarnacleBill This maybe what the landlord is hoping for that you don’t want to be inconvenienced by a move while repairs are done. Stick to your guns @nebule.

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I phoned him again yesterday and managed to get in touch with him…I didn’t actually mention the mould because I’m still rather concerned about my boiler issue which hasn’t been fixed…(see an earlier question of mine) He said he’d not been very well but he’d asked his guys to come and look at the boiler so would chase them up… I’ve not heard back from him… No doubt I’ll end up calling again tomorrow if no joy by the end of the day so I will mention the window frame to him then. He was very apologetic and usually I’m like ‘it’s’s fine…I understand’ but yesterday I just said ‘right…’ in a monotone and then silence and let him speak…. Pretty cheesed off to be honest… no-one should have to live like this… but at least I do have heat and a roof that’s not leaking (at the moment!)...

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@nebule He was very apologetic and usually I’m like ‘it’s’s fine…I understand’

He sounds like he’s using your good nature to his best interests. He could always send around an independent contractor to do this work if he and his crew can’t do the necessary work to look after his tenant’s health. Read this as “Duty of Care.”

All the best with your efforts.

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