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Dream interpretation please?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) November 12th, 2010

It’s nighttime, two teenagers are watching T.V. alone in the living room. The two teenagers have the heads of Woody and Buzz, from Toy Story. They both hear a loud crash from outside. In the backyard, a crushed rocket-ship and a chimpanzee. The chimp says he’s from NASA, and asks Woody and Buzz if he could stay for the night to fix his rocket-ship. They say yes without hesitation. The chimp messes the whole house trying to find stuff for fuel. While fixing his rocket-ship, he starts screaming in pain. He then poops out colorful, candy-coated, toy blocks in different shapes. Woody, Buzz, and the chimp are all weirded out. The chimp takes one of the blocks, puts it in the fuel hole, the rocket is working again. The chimp said his goodbyes and went back home. Woody and Buzz stare at the sky speechless.

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It means you’re gay.

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Sounds like a fantasy dream.

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Doesn’t sound like a dream to me, but that’s no reason not to interpret it. It’s about ideas. Where do they come from? It seems like they’re magical. And yet, painful. A lot of times they’re like crap and then you look at them, and somehow they turn out to be great and useful.

You’ve got a lot of ideas and you this story is telling you not to judge them. Try to look at them without prejudice. You never know when one will turn out not to be so crazy after all.

By the way, my interpretation is always correct!

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You either made this up, or you definitely need to lay off the cartoons.

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