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Belly buttons which do you prefer, in or out, and which do you have right now?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) November 12th, 2010

When it comes to bellybuttons do you find it more attractive when people have inner or outter bellybuttons, or is it a person to person call where one who has an outter bellybutton will be attractive but on another person it won’t be attractive? Which bellybutton do you have right now and are you happy with it or would rather have opposite?

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I totally forgot outies existed until a couple months ago. Man was that a shock.

I wonder what percentage of outies invert over time…

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I’m a major innie… I used to put a marble in that thing back when I wore a bikini and go swimming! What can I say… I was a weird kid. I prefer the look of innies, but don’t have anything against outies, either.

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Innies for the win.

outies make me nervous

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I have an innie and I like an innie :)

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I’ve an innie.
Dont think I’ve ever seen an outy on an adult… not sure how it’d look but I’d like to think I wouldn’t treat them any differently for it.

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Another innie here from a family of innies. I remember seeing an outie for the first time and wondering what in the world went wrong? I’m over it now. There is something sort of sexy about a person with a flat stomach and an outie. The guy at work who wears tight polo shirts over his pot belly with a button sticking out like a ‘the meat is done’ temperature gauge…not so much.

It is possible for it to convert from one to the other without plastic surgery? What causes a person to have an innie or outie? Do OBs ask for parents’ preference before delivering the baby?

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Innie, innie!

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innies, great for frenching!

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When you’re into pathology, that just don’t matter anymore. That said, mine is an innie. Lawlz.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’ve seen a few pregnant women (including myself) who developed a slight outie in the late stages. Mine reverted to innie status right after birth.

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