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Don't you hate it when people quote Gandhi?

Asked by Mikewlf337 (6257points) November 12th, 2010

Do you know a person who quotes Gandhi a bit too much? Does it get on your nerves when someone give you a self righteous lecture and then quote Gandhi several times in the lecture?

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I don’t know anyone who quotes Gandhi too much. I love his ‘be the change you wish to see in the world quote’ and try to live by that philosophy..that’s pretty much it.

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I have never had that happen. I think that I would fight fire with fire. Here are a couple of Ghandhi quotes that may come in handy next time:

“A true Brahmin should be the very image of humility and not be proud of his knowledge or wisdom. [Gandhi, T-3–270]”

“There is always the fear of self-righteousness possessing us, the fear of arrogating to ourselves a superiority that we do not possess. [Gandhi, T-5–243]”


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Oh I dunno, dp wrote the occasional wise word or two :¬)

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I don’t know anyone who quotes Gandhi multiple times in one sitting, maybe that person is just a very, very big fan.

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That depends;

Are we talking about Gandhi the historical icon, or Gandhi the character from Clone High?

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Ack! I mistyped Gandhi as Ghandhi.

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Can’t say it’s one of my pet peeves, no.

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Yes. I hate my teen friends that quote him and can’t name one thing he is done. I just never liked Gandhi. There, I said it.

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I love his words, but I know what you mean…
The quotes that irk me are the ones that young women cling to and repeat….but credit or quote them incorrectly.
It sucks that we start disliking things we hear over and over…even if they’re wonderful.

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@noelleptc I don’t hate him lol, I just know a few people who can’t help but quote gandhi at least 2 or 3 times when they give me a lecture lol. These people are my friends so I just hear them out.

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No. I don’t know anyone quoting Gandhi. But I do know many people who quote scripture left and right. I keep thinking, “Don’t they read any OTHER books?” They don’t even quote lines of movies for Gawd’s sake?

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I adore Gandhiji, and lurve anyone who quotes him.

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I never even heard of Gandhi until a few days ago and now since I heard his name once all I hear is his name. Who is Gandhi, I’ll just google him and get back to you on whether or not I would care If people were quoting him.

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