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Why is it said that Bob Marley is a Peace activist?

Asked by littlekori (676points) November 12th, 2010

I was just messing around on the internet and a lot of websites say that Bob Marley was a peace activist, but don’t really say why. Was it just because of his music? What really makes him a piece activist?

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He promoted peace during a lot of his shows and interviews as well as with his music. Watch just about any video with him and he’ll mention love or unity or peace. He had some good idea but he was also high more often than he was sober.

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I’ve wondered that, too. Same thing with John Lennon. Saying “peace and love” is fine and dandy, but did they actually create widespread peace and love?

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@jaytkay They actually tried, and both were shot for it, and in Lennon’s case, killed.

“Bob Marley spent much of the late 1970s trying to promote peace and cultural understanding within Jamaica, despite being shot (along with his wife and manager, who also survived) before a peace concert. He also acted as a willing cultural ambassador for the Jamaican people and the Rastafarian religion. He holds nearly godlike status among many Jamaicans and Rastafarians worldwide.”

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Anyone that smokes two joints in the morning is bound to be a peaceful sort. lol

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do you guys think that it was terrible that he was high so much? I mean that was part of his religion and i know that a lot of people dont agree with it.

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No. Just kidding around, I enjoy an occasional moment with the peace pipe or an herbal dessert. :-)

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@Coloma Please don’t mix the words “peace pipe” in a conversation with marijuana. One is a sacred ritual of prayer that doesn’t involve mind altering substances of anykind and the other was a religious movement of a very small group of impoverished in Jamaica in my opinion altering their minds to escape the realities of their situation.
Persons who are trained pipe carriers do ceremony clean of mind altering substance. To suggest otherwise is to misinform others about the nature of this ritual. And it is offensive to the people who have trained under other medicine people in order to do this ritual.

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Re Bob Marley and Rastafarian religion:
The relationship between the Rastafarian religion and reggae in Jamaica, its birthplace, is well-documented. In his 2003 book Solid Foundation: an Oral History of Reggae, David Katz describes how “certain unconventional Jamaican religious figures” believed that Haile Selassie’s crowning as emperor of Ethiopia was the fulfilment of a biblical prophecy. The new religion was linked with the black self-determination writings of Marcus Garvey, and quickly made an alliance with musicians practising traditional West African burru drumming in the poorest areas of Jamaica.
Bob Marley was an activist in the fight for services and rights for the poor of Jamaica. Like Gandhi he sought to do this through non violent means.

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It is a term I have used humorousy forever, I offer no apologies for anothers hypersensitivities.

My usage is in relation to the native american hollywood western familarity and is not intended to ‘offend; anyone.

I use marijuana infrequently and many spiritual rituals have included various mind altering substances through the ages.

I, as well, do not advocate substance abuse as a means of altering ones reality, impoverished or otherwise.

My occasional use is for creative enhancement only.

I am very a sound and non-offensive individual I can assure you.

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I own a peace pipe that I smoke weed out of on a regular basis…

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When Buffalo pipe women bought this ritual to the people it was not intended for the casual use of people intending to alter their mind and mood with drugs. To openly do this and think that it isn’t offending to persons honoring this ritual as sacred is ignorance.

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…... seriously… chill out. I am not defiling their ritual or anything by smoking weed out of a pipe that I carved myself.

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Most medicine people carve or are gifted their pipes. I need not to chill out so much as speak out whenever or wherever people are doing things that are an affront to other groups. It really matters not whether that is racism, classism or some other ism. What you are doing is tantamount to pissing in a baptismal fount.

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You have got to be fucking kidding me. Only the most uptight person would be offended by something like this. I have quite a few native american friends and they all seem to think what I do by carving these pipes is a good thing as in honoring their culture.

Look I dont walk around claiming to be part of their ritual or anything like that its just a fucking stone.

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woah guys. yes, everyone has there own opinion about this type of thing, so let it be.

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