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Why do my armpits sweat in cold weather only?

Asked by Afos22 (3980points) November 12th, 2010

Simple as that. It is quite confusing to me. During the summer my pits were pretty dry, even without deodorant. But the past few days it has been chilly outside and my armpits are sweating. Why is that they sweat when it is cold but not when it is hot?

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Oh! 20 questions… fun!

Are you a Snow Man?

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I’m only guessing here so this could be completely wrong.

Maybe your body is cold but since your pits are a warmer area, your body thinks your are hot so it begins to perspire in that area to make it match the rest of your body temp?

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Does it occur when you drink something hot? Since it’s gotten cold, I’ve been drinking a pot of hot tea in the morning and have noticed a similar effect.

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Maybe because you are dressing warmer? The clothing near your underarms is heavier and hotter than in the summer.

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Maybe you are wearing synthetic clothes which make people sweat rather than natural fabrics which allow your pores to breathe.

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what i have been wearing is cotton and short sleeves

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It could be when your body is cold then it burns more energy to get up to comfortable temp and you see the sweat that doesn’t evaporate as quickly as when the air around is warmer.

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The human body is known to sweat more in the winter than in any other season due to the body’s use of energy to keep itself warm. However, if this is a new experience, your body could be changing due to some other physiological factor. If it doesn’t go away with antiperspirants or one of those marked for clinical strength, it could be a sign of hyperhydrosis. Check with your doctor if you have any further concerns.

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Are you under more emotional stress lately? If so adrenaline in the blood stimulate apocrine glands in your armpits to produce sweat even if you are cold.

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If your pits don’t sweat in the summer, consider yourself very blessed. Mine go off like lawn sprinklers pretty much year-round.

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Your body is overheating. Try wearing less clothing.

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like i said, t-shirt. the reason i think, that no body suggested, is that switching from cold to room temperature

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