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Is long hair really preferable on a girl?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 12th, 2010 from iPhone

I cut my hair off once and hated it. One guy loved it. Another said, let it grow back. Is it just personal opinion?

Do gentleman really prefer blondes?

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I think men’s opinions are as varied as men.

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In general I prefer mediumish hair so I have something to run my fingers through and / or pull on depending on what is happening :D

I do not prefer blondes.

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I really like short hair some times, some times I like long hair. Sometimes a blond, and other times not. it changes from day to day or hour to hour. Il’l put it this way, I’m the sort of guy, who if im at a restaurant, ill try things i have not had before.

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Sometimes having something to pull/yank on is fun…

But in all seriousness, hair length is not a factor for me, nor is the color of the hair.

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Don’t mind either way, long or short. As for blondes, nah…. I like brunettes always have.

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I’m an American in America and it’s my experience, observation (for better or worse) that men who prefer women do prefer long hair and blondes. I don’t think it can be blamed on Barbie, Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs, porn or whatever either- the media only exploits what it’s tapped to begin with.

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I like long hair. Hair color is not as much of an issue. Iong hair is sexy :)

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Yes, all men only like long hair

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One thing I’ve also noticed growing up is women are especially harsh on each other about keeping long hair whereas the men mostly like it.

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(in light of recent events, take this quip with a grain of salt…on the rim of a margarita – with a tiny umbrella)

I love the look of short hair (no matter what the color). Prime examples (of when they famously cut their hair short) include, Keira Knightly, Charylne Yi, Natalie Portman, Shannyn Sossamon & Halle Berry.

When a women cuts her hair really short, it’s like she is saying ‘fuck you’ to convention & that is just hot as hell.

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Most of the men I know prefer long hair, but I have one guy friend who absolutely loves short hair, preferably the asymmetrical haircut.
A lot of my guy friends chase the long-haired blondes and they say it’s because they like to run their fingers through longer hair and they just overall appear more feminine. I understand that.
I usually wear my hair above my shoulders and one time I cut it really damn short – slightly above my chin, but then again, I don’t really care too much about what men think. :)

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@noelleptc The main reason why I cut my hair that short was because it was soo damaged and I wanted to start over. I wasn’t a huge fan of my hair being that short, but luckily my hair grows pretty fast. If I can’t pull all of my hair back into a ponytail, then I consider it too short. My hairdresser cut the back of my hair a little too much this last time and I still have to clip some of it up. I hate that. >.<

@Mikewlf337 ;)

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I’ve had both long hair and short hair and while I prefer long hair and think that most men do too, I’ve had more attention from men when I have had my hair shorter.

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I prefer long hair on women. Actually come to think of it, I find long hair on men pretty hot too.

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it all depends on the womans face. i couldn’t pull off a buzz cut, for example…but natalie portman can! also, i have only had ONE male friend in my entire life that didn’t prefer brunettes. he was known for dating ditzy spray tanned females. they were generally blondes. that is all i’ll say.

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I’m with @downtide – I find long hair on men very hot.

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@Blackberry , that struck me really funny for some reason. ha.

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My hair is very long and blonde. I got equal attention when it was very short and dark. I’m positive that this is one of those things that could go either way for so many people.

Long hair on men is a total dealbreaker for me.

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Depends on the person, but confidence and stature go a loooong way whatever the style/color. Whatever cut you feel best in is what is most important.

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I’m a natural blonde and have always worn my hair long and now it is slightly below my shoulder tops and layered.

I think I look best in longer hair but…I have always thought brunettes with smoldering dark eyes are prettier than the blonde/blue combo.

My signature though is my pigtails, dress ‘em up or down, classy or sassy, lol… and always get tons of complements.

My daughter came out a golden honey blonde, with big beautiful brown eyes from her dad, very striking!

She has dyed her hair black and pulls it off very well with her dark eyes.

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Ok, I’ll admit it… I do like long hair. To me, one the sexiest poses is the woman’s hair cascading over her shoulders and just covering her… I’d better stop now.

But I won’t reject someone without it. I guess I’m just an equal opportunity kinda’ guy.

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@worriedguy you had to stop there? I was just starting to get intrigued… lol

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It depends entirely on the woman. On all too many occasions i’ve convinced myself that i’m attracted to a certain hairstyle, only to have it change a few days later when I see a woman with an entirely different hairstyle who looks incredibly attractive.

Just go with what makes you comfortable @noelleptc. One person or another is going to love it.

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Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but badass motherfuckers prefer brunettes.

I love short hair on women. A black pixie bob will do it for me everytime. Or any other short style, as long as we aren’t talking Sinead O’Connor short.

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I don’t care what anyone says here as their personal preference. Research has been replicated on this again and again. Men prefer baby like features. They prefer lighter hair AND they prefer longer hair. Longer hair specifically is associated with both youth and fertility.

If you are looking for a personal response. I’ve had long hair, short hair, every length in between and every color. I’ve needed a stick to beat them off when my hair was lighter and longer…but Red has a evil appeal as well. The problem is that red produces this idea that you are a siren and will put out indiscriminantly.

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Remember Persis Khambatta shaved her head for one million dollars to be in the original Star Trek motion picture as Ilia. Soooo smokin’ hot! I prefer her bald to her classic, or her traditional Indian look. But even with hair, she had one of those faces that just looked great with it pulled back.

Sadly, she died in 1998.

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Her Daughter looks better with long hair.

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I have dated women with long and short hair. I prefer a pixie cut on thin women, and long hair on shapely women.

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It depends on where the hair it at. XD

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I have never cared for short hair and dont know any men that do, either. I am cursed with curly hair that quits growing at a certain length. Ok, it doesnt quit growing, but it does get easily damaged and will only grow so long.

So, thank you Great Lengths! I LOVE having a swinging pony tail when I run. And I love having some hair flying behind me on my motorcycle : )

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Short hair looks best on me because of my hand-me-down, (heriditary) pointy chin and big boobs. The long hair would always get caught on them like they were some kind of shelf. Just not all that flattering.

Short hair helps balance the chin and boobs as long as I keep if at chin length, or just below. I am sure long hair is sexy and all- and I had long hair throughout my college days, but now I just don’t have the texture or face for it.

I guess as people get older, short hair just works best. (I mean, just through observation, I have seen very few older women however you want to define “older” with long hair) I’m by no means old but short hair doesn’t mean I can’t look sexy. Seriously, it’s more about attitude and how you hold yourself.

Magazine fantasies are great and all, but I have to feel good in whatever style I choose. I feel so sexy because I feel comfortable in my skin. most of the time

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I have always preferred short hair on women.

Short hair (even though I have a long ass ponytail – I NEVER wear it down – I am not in a cheesy hair metal band, thx) is just easier to deal with. I don’t like hair in my face when a woman is on top of me.

I prefer brunettes as well, but ultimately color and length don’t factor into what I ‘look for’. Hair, height, eye color and other shit like that is pretty inconsequential.

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