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How do you show someone you love (in love) them? How can you prove it?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 4th, 2008


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To show someone you love them you just have to consistently treat them in a loving manner. Proof, however, is really only something that cones with time.

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1) Have unconditional trust in the other person. 2) Time

Love (or absence of) is revealed through the process of a relationship. You have to believe s/he will pick you up should you fall and act in accordance for the other person. Therefore, you must risk heartache…

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To love: Naturally value their well-being before yours.
To fall in love: Have fun with them.

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the little things matter most.

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Be yourself for one. Let them know you respest them by supporting their goals and needs. Little things that alot of people take for granted. Put little notes in there pockets to remind them how you feel about them or simply say I love you/

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It kinda comes easy when you are in love with that person… Like what everyone else says “the little things”. Telling them how much you appreciate them. It should be easy…. But just as long as theres balance! If they arent putting forth effort, its not going to work…

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Are they asking you to prove it? If they really aren’t interested in your love in the first place they’re going to be oblivious to any attempts to prove it.

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I don’t know what you can prove it with any certainty, other than by simply giving it time.. I’ve been in a two year relationship, and I love that person very much, but I don’t think I’m in love with him. He thinks that I am. So what I’m saying is that since you can easily tell someone that you’re in love with them when you’re not, to prove that you’re “in love” with them you must show through actions and give it time.

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