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When dishing out GA's, do you give only to those answers you agree with, or do you also give to answers you don't agree with, but were presented very well nonetheless?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30864points) November 12th, 2010

I admit it. I don’t give GA’s to answers that I don’t agree with. And many of those answers are great answers even though I don’t agree with them.

Should I give a GA and share the love, regardless if I agree or not?

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I’d give this a good question, but it really should have been posted in meta…;-)

I like to think I give GAs if the argument is well made regardless. However, I’m fairly certain that when I’m judging whether or not a post is well done, I may be biased by my belief in whether the statement is correct. ;-)

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Hmm, it depends on how much I disagree. I do give lots of GA’s to answers that I don’t agree with, happens more often than not, if it truly is a GA.

On occasion I might skip one just because I don’t like the message behind it.

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I give GA’s usually based on what I agree with. But I also give GA’s when an answer makes me think Ummm! Something new/different to consider. @RealEyesRealizeRealLies GA’s aren’t mandatory, so if you don’t feel the need to give any lurve, don’t. We can’t see who gives lurve to who anyway. iamthemob has 2 GA’s did you give both, one, none or did I? XD

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I give GAs to answers I don’t agree with when they are written well, present a good point, and contain accurate information. If they have false information, I won’t give them a GA, no matter how well they are written.

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I give good them to responses I don’t agree with that are either very nice about it, or are humorous (intentionally).
I never give them to rude answers and it makes me feel sick when I see a rude answer that’s promoting an opinion I agree with.

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If their reply was well thought out and had some valid points, I give GA. After all if I post a question asking for an opinion and I believe they tried to answer honestly than I consider it a GA.
I do not give GA to those I feel were lazy in their answers or totally dismissive or who got nasty because they assumed incorrectly because they did not follow the thread.
I’ll even give it to GA to funny replies if I felt the question left me open for such a reply or if my question leaned to some humorous points. However, I also hate lazy joke.

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A good answer is a good answer and will get GA’s everytime even if or especially if I don’t agree and they are good solid answers!! That is how I learn new things.

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I would say I’m guilty of this most of the time myself. However I will occasionally give an opposing viewpoint a great answer if it was posted in a respectful way and gave me something different to think about.

Some users are link or paste crazy on here. I prefer answers with peoples’ own thoughts and words unless it is for a technical reason.

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I will mostly give GA to answers I agree with, but that is not because I think everyone should be like me, It’s just means that im kind of voting for it as “factual”.

For example, If you ask how to fix a certain computer problem, I will give GA’s to answers that i think have the best chance of fixing the problem. I don’t really give GA’s for the benefit of the person who answered the question, rather i give them for the benefit of who asked the question, like an arrow or some bread crums to help guide the person in doubt.

If i give someone a GA, there is a 60% to 70% chance or so that i agree. However, i will give GA’s for other reasons. such as: The answer looked like it was very well thought out, or a lot of effort had gone in to the answer. The answer was funny. The answer totally powned my point of view leaving me with no come back or counter argument, The answer contained a new and original and very interesting way of looking at the problem. The answer lead me to information that helped me learn something new.

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My approach is the same as @Cruiser

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Presented well (whether I agree or not). When I ask a question, whoever answers gets a good answer.

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For me it’s a combination of both. I give GAs to well-presented answers whether I agree with them or not, but I am guilty of also giving GAs to answers I agree with or like, even if they’re not so well-presented.

And for my own questions, I will give a GA to everyone who has given their time to answer it, regardless of the content (though I would probably not give a GA to an offensive answer, that hasn’t happened to me).

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I don’t exactly “dish out” the GAs. I’m not sure what it is that makes me give one. I don’t do it all that often. I just know one when I see one, at least one that’s a GA in my opinion. That’s how it works for me. Maybe I should give out more GAs than I do but that’s just kind of they way I roll.

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I give GAs for well thought out answers that I usually agree with. There have been a few times that someone is so thoughtful and eloquent in their answer that I give them a GA even though I don’t agree with what they’ve said.

The ones I have the hardest time with are those answers where I agree with some of what is said but not with all of it.

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I give GAs to people who gave thought to their answer.

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That’s a good question… (looking through old posts)

I usually GA people who I agree with, who make me laugh, or have a really good perspective on the topic. If I am in my own heated discussion and adamantly disagree with someone, no, I don’t GA them. However, if I’m observing a discussion between two opposing viewpoints, I often will GA both sides depending on the quality of their answers.

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