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Can a person with RSD (also known as CRPS) file for disability?

Asked by snowyowl_ecs (417points) November 12th, 2010 from iPhone

RSD- reflex sympathetic dystrophy
CRPS- chronic regional pain syndrome

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There is a list of the requirements and conditions that are considered to receive benefits. You can find it on the SSI page.

If it does appear on their list, your doctor has to declare that you are disabled due to the condition.

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That is, if you’re only interested in federal benefits. I would check to see if your state has anything (just in case). Also, if you’re employed, you may have some disability allowances, a short term (STD) or long term (LTD) disability plan that would itself have provisions and requirements.

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It’s really hard to get on disability, and it’s barely worth it. It’s not like they even give you enough to live off of. Not to sound ungrateful to all you taxpayers. I’m looking for a job, I swear. I have no idea what those conditions are, or if they could get you on disability. Can’t you come down with a case of Schizophrenia, or gout??

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CRPS is complex regional pain syndrome by the way (not chronic).

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The big thing about filing for disability with RSD (or CSRP) is the level of disability you experience as a result. If it is one foot or one hand, probably not. If it is both feet and your legs such that walking is a problem, that might be a different story. It really depends on how much you are disabled by the condition as to whether you would qualify for “disability.” Also, to collect SSDI, you have to have worked in a job where you pay into social security to be able to qualify.

Some states offer DMA (disability Medicaid) to tide you over for the two years until your “qualifying event” is approved and you can get SSDI and Medicare.

@iamthemob is also correct that your employer may have a short or long-term disability program to help.

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Great answer, I’m jealous of your knowledge and the architecture of your delivery.

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Thanks everybody. You all helped.

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I’m on SSD, not SSI, but I only held a job after college for 4 and ½ years. Like @truecomedian said, disability is NOT what it is said to be. I would so much rather be able to work to support myself. My disability payments are just enough to pay for having Medicare and the medicine I’m taking. That’s it. Period. I have NO idea which planet (ok, I do. It’s NOT earth!) Limbaugh and his ilk live on, but there is no way I’d rather just have Medicare and no other income. I don’t get Medicade, so I don’t know about it, but I would much, much, much rather be whole again and able to work. I’ve held only one job since my injury, and the only reason that I had even this one job was because of the kindness of the manager. I tried to do a good job, but I was unable to move up in position, and I know that the manager bent over backwards to let me stay that long. I am also grateful for what I have, really, but it isn’t the life I dreamed about as a kid.

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Amen to that, that was some reality. I’m on disability and I have about a hundred dollars to last me the rest of the month. Poverty sucks big toe. And they keep you down, if you work they deduct that from your check, and your not allowed to have more than two grand in the bank. The back pay was nice, that’s how I bought this fancy laptop, I can take it with me when I get my job as a street performer because I’m freaking out without my meds, I get very entertaining. Uncontrollable disco syndrome, just can’t stop dancing, put out a hat and there’s lunch. I can do that till I’m 50, then I’ll just get dementia and the real fun can begin. Eugenics is the new “F” word, I’m scared to even say it, but it’s alive and well in our current system. People refer to it as, working the system. They keep you poor then pull the proverbial rug out from underneath you. I forgot what I was going to say, maybe getting railroaded into this government funded poverty pseudo lifestyle has turned me bitter. I should go get drunk, later…

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I would think you can. People get disability with fibromyalgia.

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Hi Ive had RSD or CRPS which they now believe Fibro and IBS and Rheumatoid Arthritis and severe back pain make up one disease with the RSD. I cant be honest if I say I cant go on any longer off to the Hospital or the Nut House and I prefer my home with my Computer . My Doctor tells me I should be running just 4 laps thats less than a mile she says . WHAT ARE YOU STUPID OR CRAZY“I can barely watch look at one of my bullet holes or where a mine I stepped on got me but too much trouble for scum like me
,I get home and scream into my pillows from pain until the pain goes away .Until this brand new Doctor that hate is putting it too mildly but doesnt care for me I had been on same meds since 1983!!! but I have to shut up, first Doctor that knows nothing and I cant get another being SSI since I worked half years,,I was told Ive had RSD longer than anyone in english speaking world but I can help everyone but myself and pray my Computer a Dell Precision T 1500 i5 ,helping is my only other joy

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You can definitely get SSI with Fibro but get all your ducks in a row (apologies this was my first time here Thank You rsdno

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