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Can't sleep and don't know why?

Asked by xYouBet (12points) November 13th, 2010

I have had quite a lot in school but I don’t feel that is the reason. The problem started about three days ago and I have gone to bed really tired and then jump into bed and in an instant I am wide awake. I don’t think about anything just lay and look at the roof and half sleep mabe an hour or two. I feel a throbbing head ace all the time now and I don’t know what to do.

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Go to the drug store and get some Calms Forte. It will help if you are stressed out, and it will help you sleep.

It is completely herbal and non-habit forming.

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Maybe some smell or object in your room is affecting your sleep.

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any change in eating habits or exercise pattern? stay away from sweets after dinner, don’t mess with your blood sugar. Watch out for hidden caffeine, as in chocolate. and consider taking 1 gram melatonin, at least eight hours before you have to get up.

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Lay back and listen to this

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@xYouBet Exercise. You can have a tired mind and a wide awake body. Tire your body and your mind will follow. Nighty Night.

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Are you having any caffeine? That’s a major sleep disruptor for most

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