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What's the best way to clean out a fridge?

Asked by xacrox (243points) April 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I just moved into a new place and the fridge has mold and who knows what else growing inside it. What is the best way to accomplish this task?

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Ugh, an awful job. Take out all moveable shelves and drawers and soak in sink – hot water, soap and a little bleach (! Cup to gallon or so of water). Put the same (clean) solution in a bucket, don your rubber gloves, have lots of rags or sponges on hand, cover floor w. newspapers and start at the top.

Keep a garbage bag nearby for yucky rags or sponges.. Open windows and play some music that you love. Also, can you find a sucker friend to help? Promise him/her pizza.

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@gailcalled: thanks, you’re awesome this actually helped a lot.

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@x: can this apartment be saved? Where is it (what city, that is).

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yes, salt lake city. Its just that people who were to drugged out to care owned it prior to me.

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If it came furnished, and I hope, for your sake, that it didn’t, you will have trouble getting the stale smoke smell out of upholstered stuff, mattresses (and drapes and curtains.)

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easier way for soaking the shelves… assuming that you’ve cleaned the bath tub… fill with hot water and cleaning solution put all shelves and drawers in tub let them soak while cleaning the inside of the fridge this will save on time!

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@gailedcalled: It did but I tossed it all out. I will have this place looking like something right out of an ikea magazine. You’ll see.

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Just in case your mother, or no one else ever told you, never mix ammonia with bleach, either. Otherwise they’ll be carrying you out with the furniture.

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good luck xacrox!

when you’re done, you’ll have some pride in the place which is something you gotta earn :D

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Since spring might have come to Salt Lake, also consider swabbing your fridge shelves
and rinsing them outdoors – got a hose? Not as messy.

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Give it away and buy a new one and start over.

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M16 usually works for me =D

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I bought a new fridge.

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Taking every grocery out first, and then with a wather and chlorine mix carefully, using and a washcloth ( and wearing rubber gloves ) you must clean the shelves, it’s the best way since it kills molds and nasty bacteria.

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