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What is the best profanity filter for Firefox that is free?

Asked by mathwhiz1 (264points) November 13th, 2010

I get so tired of searching for things on Google that are perfectly innocent and I run across a really bad word in one of the search terms. This has happened to me numerous times. I have tried ProCon Latte, but there were some features I didn’t need on there. I’ve also tried some scripts for Greasemonkey, but they weren’t working too well. I just want something that will block out all of the bad words on the internet, including Facebook. I hope you don’t think I’m crazy for asking this.

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Hmm, what is wrong with the Greasemonkey script? That is what I’ve used.

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I think Firefux “see no fucking profanity” monkey has a setting that will delete any goddamn shit you put in it. :)

Once you enter those words, the above sentence should read, “I think Fire “see no profanity” monkey has a setting that will delete any you put in it.” :)

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@phaedryx I’ve tried other Greasemonkey scripts, like Profanity Censor, Profound Censor, Jmaxxz vulgar word blocker and others instead of Profanity Filter. The last one looks like the best. :-)

@Brian1946 I’ve just installed Profanity Filter and the sentences match perfectly. :-D I don’t know what I was doing wrong before.

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Unfortunately, profanity filtering seems to be an arms race, so I see it as only a matter of time before they either find a way to circumvent existing filters or come up with a new obscenity just to fuck with you.

Rule 34 isn’t just for images ;)

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I use Blue Coat K9 Web protection on all of our PCs. Easy to use, filter as much or as little as you like. I haven’t really run into any ugly language, except on this site.

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