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Ladies, do hormones make you feel flat sometimes (emotionally)

Asked by Jude (32112points) November 13th, 2010

Pmsing, or during your period?

Am I the only one?

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Constantly flat. Emotionally and physically.

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@mama_cakes does depression usually get the better of you?

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Well, given that I still have to put up with all that female hormone stuff…. actually I’m one of the lucky ones, I don’t get pms or mood swings. I just get 1–2 days a month of intense pain, enough to make me want to do my own surgery with a rusty spoon.

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^^That made me cringe and snap my legs together.

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Flat? LOL! more like wild

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If anything emotionally is felt, it’s slightly less tolerance for a day or two. After reading the above posts, I’m counting this as a blessing.

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I think I’m weird. The few days before Aunt Flo visits, I’m “in the mood” a lot. Wayyy more than normal. First few days of the visit, I have some pain ranging from I-can-handle-this to I-want-to-die-right-now. This is when I have my most moody days too. The slightest thing might make me upset or sad. Towards the end I start to get back to normal, thank goodness.

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I’m a pretty even-keeled person, emotionally, so you could say my baseline is flat-ish. For me, hormones generally lead to fluctuations in mood, changes in perception and the way I think (sometimes craziness ensues), greater volatility, irritability, etc. Occasionally, hormones will cause a serious depression, but that thankfully lifts once my period starts.

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Definitely not flat – way more up and down and at higher intensities. But I guess when my mood swings down and stays down, it is kind of a flat-ish feeling. I also get incredibly fatigued. But sometimes, my mood doesn’t change at all. Generally I don’t experience much pain, but I may have a day or two of off and on muscle soreness in my legs, and stabby cramps.

@Allie That happens to me too a few days beforehand.

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I have mood problems because I have wacky hormone levels, and also because of my injury. Now I’m bipolar, so the combination of the two means that I never know what to expect!

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