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Have you ever known a woman that was truly evil?

Asked by john65pennington (29197points) November 13th, 2010

I just heard the song Evil Woman. It suggested a question. Witches were evil, but that was in latter days. What about today? Is there someone in your life (past or present), that is truly an evil woman? This can be your sister, your wife, your neighbor, your mother or even your Great Aunt. Question: In your opinion, what has made this woman appear truly evil to you and why?

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I think that the only thing that can be truly evil is the rhetoric of evil.

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Yes. A woman at my previous office. She was a absolutely predatory. She’d flash the boobs and bat her eyelashes at guys she thought were single. Then after a few months ask them to help her move something heavy at her home on the way from work. “It will only take 5 minutes.” The guy would agree to help, of course,. and finish the job in the promised 5 minutes. Then she’d say “Thank you. I owe you one.” From then on it was “When can I take you out to lunch to return the favor?” If the sucker finally agreed and did it, she’d say “Wasn’t this fun? Next time it’s your turn. When do you want to do it?” They were hooked. She would target quiet guys who wouldn’t fight back and tell her to kiss off.
Three guys, (Did you see that? Guys!) approached their supervisors independently asking if they should file sexual harassment complaints. After two years she was asked to leave – and did.
She came to my house one time for a party. It was scary.

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Witches were not evil.

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Witches were perceived as evil, but most were just healers and midwives. Not evil.

Yes.. the most evil person I have ever met, I was so fortunate to date.~ She was a sociopath and would destroy you if she felt like it, never once giving a thought to how it’d hurt you. She was a user and would suck people dry of whatever she wanted and then when they had nothing left or no longer interested her, she’d drop them to the wayside like an empty husk. She destroyed me and gave not a whit of care the entire time. I watched her create TWO love triangles, which really just makes it like a love square, wherein she pretty much used and hurt everyone involved.

I could go on, but you get the picture. She’s now a psychiatric nurse in a children’s hospital.. I find that scary and disturbing.

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I had a teacher in middle school who smiled while she yelled at people. It was creepy.

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Did anyone else notice that the “related” on the side has the question “What to buy a friend for their bridal shower?” How is that “related” to an evil woman?

@worriedguy I knew a woman that acted like that. It was truly scary. She always made it seem the guy owed her something after doing a favor he never asked for such as bringing him a cookie for lunch, etc. Then she would pester the crap out of him, saying he owed her lunch. What a lonely woman.

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I know of a woman who is evil. I don’t actually know her but her actions speak for themself. Very evil.

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There was a woman at work who was rather intellegent. She landed in a position where she supported clients mainly adored her. Yet, she treated a fair amount of her co-workers in unimaginable ways that should never have been overlooked. She seemed to have a ability to manipulate people to her design. It was fascinating and yet scary to watch at the same time.

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@Mikewlf337 Could you specify what she did that was so evil? I’m curious.

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Men and women who show character traits which are considered evil are probably sociopaths.

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@chyna I don’t know what her problem was. A manipulator? Maybe she liked the drama? Guys fighting over her? But we were all engineers – conservative, straight, rational engineers. We all agreed to never be alone with her.
Still she hooked 3 honest guys who were just trying to help. Poor sots.

“Hey, on your way home, can you help me move the bureau?” “Sure no problem.” Hooked.

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@OwlofHappiness Something about her boyfriend raping a little girl and she tried to hire a person to kill the girl and her mother to keep them silent. Apparently her boyfriend was in on the hiring as well.

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Aren’t they all?

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Yes, I’ve also known a man that was truly evil.

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Yes, but she honestly had no idea. She perceived herself as the victim all of the time. The whole situation was crazy.

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@Trillian and @MissAnthrope Thank you, at least some people can look past that stereotype.
I don’t know any truly evil people but I know someone who cuts it pretty close.

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@daytonamisticrip – I’m a Witch and I’m decidedly not evil. ;)

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I don’t like your comment about witches, and please don’t be offended, but hearing that from you, I’m not very surprised. Mayhap you oughta do some study on ’‘witches’’ of the dark ages.
It didn’t take much to be a witch back then. You just had to be a woman, and if you had red hair, that’s you well and truly fucked.
And that’s just for women, many men were condemned for heresy as well, for next to no reason.

Hell, even members of the Church from the common castle guard to the cardinal were often dealt their piece just as well.

That said, I didn’t answer your question, feel free to flag.

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Yes, at my company.

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