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What is a proper way for a 27 year old virgin with no experience to find a girl?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) November 13th, 2010

Topic, let’s get rolling…

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First of all, don’t lead off by saying ‘I’m a virgin’.. let that be something she finds out later, once she knows you.

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Start by taking stock of why a 27 year old is asking this question. There has to be a myriad of reasons or twists of fate as to why someone would have no experience in the arena of female companionship. Not a bad thing….could all be a matter of choice or circumstance. Finding a female companion is truly a natural process and if you are at that time in your life where you seek that….look in the mirror and try to see a man that a woman would want to partner up with. Become that Gentleman a woman would want to be with and that could be an endless rainbow of possibilities.

Share more details and “we” could offer more suggestions.

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Confidence. That’s what women crave in a man. If you don’t have it, fake it.

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Apply for a male stripper job. They’ll be all over you in no time.

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@ucme – That only works if he’s got the body for it.

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It’s done in the same way that any human does. They go out and meet females, find one that they have a shared interest in, and take it from there. If this is about how to lose one’s virginity, it’s just a matter of finding a ‘sure thing’. Otherwise, just wait for the right person to come along.

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Be confident. Don’t act like you’re desperate. Don’t chase after anyone. Relax. Let yourself have fun and don’t worry about meeting someone. Be fun. Don’t be a moper.

Why don’t prostitutes call themselves “Professional Confidence Builders?”

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If you’re just looking for “experience”, try dating an older woman for a bit.

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There is no proper way. Do it the way other people would.

Are there things that you’ve tried that haven’t worked?

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Most reputable hooker schools have tooters available 24/7 for just that reason. ;-p

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Nah! You don’t want to go to a hooker and get a disease…

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Go about interest in girls as you would if you’d been laid a dozen times. Date with interest in the girl first and the possibility of becoming a sexual couple secondary. If you’re just out to get laid and get it over with then hit up some of your female friends to break you in.

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Just by posting today you got a few of the women here interested.

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If I was a virgin at that age, I could completely justify nailing a few hookers to get into the swing of things. You’re probably over-thinking things way too much. You’ve saved a substantial amount of money by not having long relationships over the years, so invest in some hot, sexy hookers. You’ll probably be horrible at first, but keep shelling out the bucks until you’re getting what you want out of it. Maybe after a few sessions get two at once, and have a dirty, awesome sex-fest. Definitely use condoms. Lots of them. After you’re feeling about 10 times cooler than you do right now, get tested for STDs to be safe, and if all clear, go to bars, have a few drinks and start talking to women from your new perspective.

In my single days, if I hit a drought, sometimes I’d have to take home an ugly woman just to get back in the swing of things. Then my sex life would start moving again. Nobody looks forward to doing that, but sometimes it just has to be done. Sounds dirty, and it is.

Go get it!

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Go to college and hook up… or study…. whatever rocks your boat

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Learn how to play the guitar.

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If @cockswain is joking (and I hope he is), laugh. Don’t take him seriously. If he is serious, that’s the last thing you want to do.

Here’s the real deal: get a big club, and a large fishing net. Walk downtown, and when you see a girl you like, throw the net over her to immobilize her, then conk her on the head (not too hard) to knock her out. Then drag her home and keep her. If she ever gets fractious, just use the club, but remember don’t use the club too much. Brain damage accumulates, and you probably don’t want to have a forty year old alzheimers case on your hands.

So take my advice, not @cockswain‘s because I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Around here, they call me Mr. Integrity. But you knew that.

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I’m certain he has no idea what to do now

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@wundayatta – If he makes her his slave, he’ll need some good dungeon furniture :-p

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This guy might have some.

too much?

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@HungryGuy And adult diapers?

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[NSFW] @wundayatta – Yes, adult “incontinence” diapers are an essential stock item for a dungeon. I mean, you’re wearing your slave girl as your cum sponge and she has to go potty while you’re watching TV, so just keep a diaper on her so you’re not inconvenienced and have to drag her ass into the bathroom…

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aaagh I just meant to make a joke, not give you another opportunity to sell your wares.

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