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Do you know your friends or families phone numbers by heart?

Asked by Sweetie26 (371points) November 13th, 2010

My cell phone died and I needed to call my mom and I couldn’t remember her number. I was thinking to myself wow really, how could I not know my mom’s number, since I knew it before I had a cell phone (which I’ve had for a long time).Then realized it was because I never dialed it anymore I just pushed a button. Times have changed that’s for sure. Am I the only one that doesn’t remember people’s numbers? I know its a silly question but its for discussion as well. Thank you…

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some of them. Not all of them.

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I was just thinking about this the other day. My daughter asked me for her sister’s cell phone number, and I thought, “How could you not know your sister’s number?”

I think it’s a generational thing. I do have a long list of phone numbers that I know by heart. And, even on my cell phone, I dial them rather than speed dial or use the contacts list. But then again, I’m in my 50’s and grew up with a rotary dial phone. I remember my phone number as a child – three of them.

I have the address book on my mac, which syncs up with my iPod, but I also carry a paper address book with me, which I refer to more often than I use the electronic book.

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The only telephone numbers I still know off of the top of my head are the ones that have been around pre-cell phone era. I can still recide the one of a childhood friend’s parents who I haven’t talked to in years, but couldn’t recite my brother’s number if you held a gun against my head. After loosing cell phone data twice now, I’ve gotten into the habit of writing them in an address book…in pencil.

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When someone tells me that their changing their number (i.e my mom) I’m like nooooo, because I know I won’t remember it. Thank you for all the responses

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I had a friend who had a motorcycle accident. His phone was smashed and he was taken to the hospital. He had this exact problem. The only phone number he could remember (not even his own house) was a friend he knew from an organization they both worked in whose phone number was printed all over the organization’s materials.

So he had to call her and ask her to call his son.

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Wow thats horrible, I hope he’s ok.

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I know Mom and Dad’s numbers, my brother number as well, and my best friend number ! that’s all, you’re not supposed to learn them, I remember them by using them usually, and even for safety, you could write on your diary, or agenda, or anything you have on you all the time: your mom or dad’s cellphone number, so that next time you won’t have to deal with that !
I just want to say, there’s really no problem in using low-tech reminders such as papers, block-notes or whatever, at least they don’t die or get smashed: There’s a story of some guy who dated a girl on summer holidays, and he saved her phone number on his phone that was stolen afterward, and he 2couldn’t get in touch with that girl ever again ! because he was depending on his phone so…

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I know a couple of landlines by heart but the only mobile number I know, besides my own, is my boyfriends.

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