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What is there to do in Roseville, CA?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) April 4th, 2008

I’m spending the weekend here and trying to entertain myself (it feels like leave it to beaver town). Do you know anything to do in Roseville or the surrounding Sacramento area?

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You know, I’ve asked myself that very same question.

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Eat Cheese. You can burn a good hour doing that.

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Exploring even small communities or wild spots is fun for me if I do it on foot.

You could always scope for the local woman you find most attractive, and get her address so you can send her cakes periodically after you get out of there.

Or, go to Sacramento – I thought it was pretty interesting to explore and hang out there for a limited time. The state capital building being there and all, and other smallish-city stuff.

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Drive to San Francisco and do A LOT more there.

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I would venture to say there are some amazing thrift stores out there, if you’re at least mildly into that sort of thing. If you have wheels, I would definitely go visit Locke, an old Chinese miner settlement. Also, if you are into taxidermy or bars (or both) you have to go see a place a called Foster’s Big Horn. They boast one of the biggest taxidermy collections in the U.S. Here’s a link:

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Whoa!!! I am totally going to Foster’s Big Horn at my first available opportunity!!!

Thanks peedub!

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There’s not alot to do in Roseville except shop. Honestly. It’s just one place after another of places to spend money. Shopping centers, restaurants, malls, etc.

On a nice day it’s always relaxing to stroll around downtown Sac. Get some ice cream, feed the squirrels in the millions of parks. Etc.

Downtown Auburn is pretty interesting too. Incredibly old town that retains all of it’s history with tons of antiquity. Awful Annie’s is a great place to grab breakfast or lunch. Sit outside and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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Yeah, isn’t Roseville really well know for its shopping? I suppose you’re bored of it tho, as you probably are with all the surround areas too. No offense, but there really isn’t much to do there that u haven’t probably done b4. my advice? just hang out with ur friends, u’ll probably have fun anyway, even doing nothing.

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Folsom Lake is beautiful and only a few minutes from Roseville. Also, Tahoe is only about an hour away. Both locations offer incredible hiking, biking, etc. Rather than go up to the rather common Auburn, you could try going east into the smaller historical towns like Georgetown, Cool, etc. Or farther north to Nevada City.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to say that’s its beautiful. Folsom Lake feels like all the man made lakes in Nevada. I personally feel it’s kinda dumpy, but it’s the closest thing the immediate area has to a lake.

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Folsom Lake is beautiful. Too bad I live so far away from it. If you go through Auburn you must stop at Jimboy’s Taco for lunch.

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You have the place in Roseville too. If you haven’t eaten there you should try it sometime.

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Galleria Mall or Folsom outlets is pretty cool to stroll or shop. Nature…visit Folsom Lake and theres lots of trails. For breakfast, Awful Annies is yummy, theres another branch in Lincoln, just north of Roseville on 65 or Original’s Pancake House in Roseville. For lunch or dinner, try Mikunis or Blue Nami for Japanese. If you want to do something different, drive to Discovery park pay 6 bucks for parking (near Old Sacto) and take a stroll or bike along the river toward Old Sacto.

Jill_E's avatar is further south, maybe if you have time. Take a drive along the delta/sacramento river during sunset. Visit towns of Rio Vista, Walnut Grove, Locke. Just beautiful!

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Golfland Sun and Splash, arcade, miniture golf and waterpark
Roseville Telephone Museum
Horseback riding at Historic Nelson Ranch
several Art Galleries
Magic Circle Theater
Maidu Community Center
car racing
movie theaters

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nothing sorry. even when your with your friends its still boring as hell.
the fountains is a place to try but just stay home and throw a party.

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