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What, really, is a jeepster?- and how do I become one for someone's love?

Asked by peedub (8708points) April 4th, 2008

This T-Rex song lyric has always confused me. I understand the context but WHY?

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What? The is a few models of a Jeep called a Jeepster Commander.

and why are you listening to a T-Rex song? WTF? Who cares. Maybe you elaborate on it too. Maybe say what the lyric is? I dunno.

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why respond if you dont know?

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Nobody knows what you’re talking about. Just letting you know that.

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Sorry, the question was meant for a T-Rex fan, not someone who’s into Jeeps.

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They’re aren’t any T-Rex fans.

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I guess you’re are right, they are aren’t any T-Rex fans

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Not true. I’m one, I just didn’t have an answer. I was following the question though.

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I always thought of it as him saying he’s a vehicle for her love – doesn’t he say later in the song, “I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go”? “Jeepster” fits the meter better than “vehicle”, so maybe that’s why he used it.

And, @simone54 – seriously. How rude. There ARE T-Rex fans and if you don’t have anything constructive to add to a question, move ON. Seriously.

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Thanks (on both accounts). That’s a totally good theory, I think I buy it.

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Sorry I apologize to three T-Rex fans on Fluther and the other 14 throughout the world.

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It’s ok, maybe it’s me who is too in-fat-ic about my music tastes.

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Nothing wrong with a T-Rex fan. T-Rex occuppies a spot in the development of Rock just like any other. “Bang A Gong” seems to go on and on so they must have hit on something.
Once you leave Mahler, Beethoven, etc. to talk about Rock and Pop you can’t get too philospophical about the quality of the group you are talking about. You’ve already left the truely substantial or “lofty” creaters of music. Rock is about rebellion and expression. Not the “genius” of the particular songwriter.

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