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How would anyone feel if there girlfrind reffered to there self as a MILF?

Asked by Robby (252points) April 4th, 2008

My girlfriend reffered to her self as a MILF ( Mother i’d like to ***k) And as a guy and i’m sure I speak for a good majority, would take that as an invitation. Oh she put this on her web site about her self by the way and told me she just thought it was funny. Or maybe i’m simply overreacting?

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I wouldn’t be bothered by it.

I actually find it endearing that she recognizes her age and still feels attractive.

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That just makes her sound slutty that’s all. Unless she was being like funny about and not serious about it.

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Well I’ve been called one but my husband doesnt like the term because he doesn’t want people to view me as a F*#$ he wants people to view me as a Mother I’d like to treat like a queen and then maybe see what else we can do but that doesn’t work well as MILTTLAQAMSWEWCD.So I like the term hot mom or beautiful mother. I would never refer my self as a MILF it makes it look like your a single mom looking for some action! So beware of your woman especially if she wants the whole world knowing she’s a MILF

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I think this term is pretty funny. I think it was originally used in porn, but some women have started “reclaiming” it in a semi-ironic and playful way – like in that Tori Amos song “Big Wheel”: “I am an MILF/don’t you forget.” I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

On “Weeds,” Mary Louise Parker’s special homegrown strain is called “MILFweed” because she’s such a hot momma.

Probably after a while if people keep using this term everyone will eventually even forget what it stands for and just think that it means “hot older woman/mother” – just like how a lot people say that something “sucks” without really thinking where that term came from.

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I’m proud to be married to a MILF!

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It is undoubtedly a generational thing, but I find the term to be both demeaning and mysoginistic. It’s a shame young women in this day and age don’t feel the same. My wife would be disgusted if anyone would refer to her as a MILF, regardless of popular culture and media suggest as fun or innocuous.

…and btw she’s gorgeous, intelligent and the mother of my kids-so don’t even think about it!

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I second that sndfreQ! My wife is beautiful and expecting, but if I heard someone refer to her as that…..well I don’t need to say that. I can see how this would be upsetting for you Robby. Maybe, you should express your feelings to her.

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@christybird MmM Mary Louis Parker what i wouldnt do to her…..

As far as the whole MILF thing goes i wouldnt take it too seriously shes just saying shes hot. As long as you can trust her and know shes not sneaking around behind your back i really wouldnt over analyze this too much.

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It sounds like she has a unique sense of humor, something to admire, to be honest. Have you talked to her about your feelings toward it? If she negates them then you might have a problem, not because that suggests she’s cheating on you, but she is helping feed certain insecurities that shouldn’t be fed. Are you both the same age?

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I have a great sense of humor but I dont refer to myself as a MILF.

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The fact that she has it posted on her website might bring her a number of “online friends”, who would have normally not friended her!

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I think it would be funny to say to people.. but not posting it on the internet

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I think it’s weird to call yourself a milf. You should be saying that about her mom…well if she’s hot

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If this is how she advertises herself on the net and it’s the same person you were talking about in this thread: I would have a serious talk with her.

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Be thankful you’re going out with a MILF. By the way what’s her website?

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I think its all in fun cause milf is an accepted and often used word nowadays and not in a bad way. If it fits her personality then I see nothing wrong with her calling herself that, but say a preachers wife or something it wouldnt be acceptable, but bottom line I think u are over reacting, she wouldnt be with u if she was a mom that was really f^*#able, she just meant she was a hot mom. When I have kids I hope people think I’m a milf LOL!

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I suppose your right hurleygrlblink. Like you said nowadays. I think the age differance between us in that area is what the problem is. 10 year differance…

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I have 28 years differenence and got no problem since 3 years now. Wonderful relationship.

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