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Are there any websites out there that have pictures of good teenage girl haircuts?

Asked by 15acrabm (512points) November 14th, 2010

i have extremely thin hair that is pretty when brushed, but it gets knots really easily. Im not even kidding. I once brushed my hair completely, then sat still in a chair for ten minutes. When i brushed it again, it had tons of knots!!! But anyway, i just need to print a picture off the internet to show my hair dresser what i want, but i can’t find anything!!!!!

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try googling ‘thin hair haircuts’
unless there’s like something specific you’re looking for

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I’m don’t really know much about any teenage girl hair cut websites(even though I’m really kinda still a youngin the 1–8).I highly recommend, a lot of teenagers go on there :-D Do you have any certain favorite teenage magazines you read, especially if they include things like makeup and popular hairstyles?If they include a website of those favortie magazines,you should see if they have what you’re looking for.Too, I really love the InStyle website.Um, it’s not a “teenage’ webiste but there are some who take the latest style from there AND they even got this cool upload your pic and try hairstyles thing called “Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover”, it looks totally real on yourself,it’s fun, and it’s better to try out the clicked style that were on the celebrites before you actually try the real style on your head(you can also try out the brand makeup too on your uploaded pic) Hope this works out for you.

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First of all, good is entirely subjective – what I think is good is entirely different from what some other teens think is good.

My suggestion, as your hair dresser. They are the expert.

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The best way to find a haircut you want is to really look at celebrity pictures and see what you like and don’t like about their haircuts. A lot of things go into the right haircut for one person; hair texture, hair type, face shape ect… When you are getting your hair cut, make sure that the stylist knows your hair type- whether it be straight, curly or wavy- otherwise they might screwup your hair.
Here’s a great site with celebrity hairstyles.

And just some advice for the knotting when you brush. Are you sure you should even be brushing your hair? I brushed my hair because that’s what everybody in my family did (they all have straight hair). I would continually get knots in my hair. So I decided one day to let it dry with out brushing-just a little comb through with my fingers- and that’s when I realized that my hair wasn’t exactly wavy, it was more on the curly side- like really curly.
So, I’d recommend you try that.

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type in the serch engine key words and it will give you lots of them.

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Those are all good answers that I was gonna suggest- also, just ask for an up-to-date hair design book at the parlor.

Also, what I always do: tear a page out of a magazine. And not just one page- many pages!
I’ll say, “I want her bangs, but her length- and I want this color; her bangs are kinda like how I want them, but more like this”
and just tell/show/explain what you want before and during the cutting process.
This will give you your own customized look while also allowing the beautician to see an example of exactly what you’re talking about.

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