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So where do you leave your pets when you go off on a trip without them?

Asked by Aster (18996points) November 14th, 2010

Yeah, we have to leave them at times. I get anxiety just thinking of leaving my dogs in a strange place. I feel mean. I think they’ll suffer and miss me and I hate it. Where do you leave your pets when you go off to have fun or on business and do you feel anxious?

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I have two different kennels I take my dog to and he loves going. For him it’s like a camp vacation. They love him up good and play with him. He’s always tired and hoarse when I pick him up, and that makes me happy.
I have always made sure to make a big happy time of dropping my dogs off so they’ve never been upset.

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I have a good friend who lives about two miles away who takes care of our cats if we’re going to be gone for more than two days. She cleans the litterboxes, refills their water and food and spends a little time petting the one who doesn’t hide from strangers.

My in-laws have dogs. If they’re going somewhere that the dogs can’t, the dogs are boarded at the breeder’s home. Meaning the breeder where they bought the dogs. The dogs haven’t had any complaints. ;)

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The dogs stay with my sister and her dogs, the cats and chinchillas stay at home with a pet sitter visiting them.

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I have a really good kennel that I like to use: expensive but worth it. However now my dog is elderly, I prefer to have someone stay at home to look after her. Last time I had to go away, my daughter’s boyfriend stayed with her.

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I leave my dog with my mother.
She has separation anxiety and makes herself pretty sick if I leave her with anyone else or at a kennel. My mom is the only one she feels comfortable enough around to be okay with it, but she’ll still wander around the house every evening before bed and look for me.

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I take mine to a kennel. I’ve had people volunteer to stop by and watch her, but I don’t like to put anyone out.

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I can[t do a kennel . I don’t want them in a small cage, even with a “run.” But for a lotta bucks there’s a pet hotel. They take them for a 5 min walk for EXTRA $. Cheapskates.
I remember friends leaving their bichon with us for three weeks. He would stare at me at night wondering where his real mom was. My dogs were not nice to him even though he was their offspring!

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For the cat, I used to have a neighbor check in on her at least once a day. When I had a dog, the housemate took care of him. Once the housemate moved out, we shared ‘custody’ of the dog who would go to stay at the other’s house when one of us was going to be out of town.

When I was growing up, there were a few couples in the neighborhood who hired me to take care of their cats when they went on a trip. It was a great way to make some pocket money, as well as develop a bit of responsiblity.

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Either she stays at home and one of the neighbors looks after her, or she goes to one of a couple of friends’ houses. I have put past dogs in kennels when I had a pair that liked to stay together, and I’ve kept elderly dogs at my vet’s boarding facility in case they had health problems.

I’m not crazy about leaving my current dog at a kennel – she’d be wigged out. The previous dogs were fine with it, probably because they stayed in a run together and they had bolder temperaments.

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My mother or else a brother-in-law.

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The dog gets boarded at the vet; the cats have a teenager that comes in to feed them, do litter box duty, and socialize with them. Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats, so the idea of being inside for a week makes them a little batty. But they survive.

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Frow em in the back yard! Have someone come over and check on them and feed them. It’s much easier than it was when I had human pets, you know? :)

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I kennel the dog or bring her to my mother-in-law’s house—if I want her to come back shaved—XD
The cats stay home if it is a short trip.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’d leave my cats for a week, if we were ever gone that long….my dogs too if I could be certain they couldn’t get out of the yard.

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I get my mom to check in on them and make sure they have food and water and that their Cat Genie gets run.

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Usually stay with my dad but if he is with me (like he was recently on a trip to London) the dogs go into boarding kennels.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir What’s a Cat Genie”?

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