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My Google Chrome is becoming bloated with the buttons for so many plugins, now what?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) November 14th, 2010

Here’s how my address/search bar looks now…

Is there any way, other than removing plugins, of reducing that waste of screen space?

Thanks in advance.

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I would say you should take some off. I remember when I first got Firefox and everyone thought it was the greatest thing ever, but it started bugging out when I started adding on a bit much. Chrome itself isn’t without it’s bugs too (have you noticed any yet?), I stopped using Chrome because of it’s login problems (especially with G-mail).

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Yeah thanks for your feedback @jlelandg. I agree with you, that’s my line of thought. I am a poweruser, and sometimes I have like ten windows with ten tabs each… and at some point, even with 3gb of ram, the machine starts hanging as the computer needs to start using virtual memory (disk); I look forward to a better way to handle a lot of tabs! As for bugs, well, I have noticed for example that sometimes you click a plugin’s button, and you need to click again, because the first click was not given any reaction…

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Do you really need all those plugins? i just keep the bare essentials bookmarks are better than a lot of plugins.

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A little bit off topic, I’m not really a fan of suggesting other products when you’re just asking for help with another one, but…

If you switched to Chrome for its speed, you might want to try the latest beta of Firefox 4, because it’s really, really fast (as in: Chrome fast), with the features it’s always had, and then some. Including the ability to remove buttons from the toolbar, and probably an Firefox version of most extension you use with Chrome as well.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that if you like using Firefox, I know how you can remove the clutter there :)

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haven’t you updated your chome?
version 7 include the update where you can hide the plugin buttons..

update your chrome!

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Put the icons you don’t want to see on the right side, then move your mouse over the right end of the URL bar until your cursor turns into double arrows. Then drag towards the right and you can hide as many as you want.

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@J0E that was spot on :D thanks!

Thanks to everyone else too!

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