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What can I do tonight?

Asked by skgskgskg22 (260points) April 4th, 2008

I live in a small town and the only exciting place to go is Walmart. All my friends are busy and I don’t have enough gas money to go anywhere….

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Stay in, Fluther.

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I’m running out of questions lol

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Buy a newspaper and look for garage/estate sales, bake your busy friends some cupcakes…

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Come over, I’ll show you a good time ; )

(really hopes that skgskgskg22 is a girl)

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Haha I am but we don’t exactly live near each other…sorry

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Hmm fair enough then may i suggest this

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Ha, I thought it was going to be a bus schedule!

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I like the cup cake idea. You can bring them to me like I suggested earlier, but I’m still down with the brownie idea is still a good one too! :) I would absolutly adore you because as you know, work sucks!

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Damnit why didnt i think of that peedub?!!

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Haha that would have been hilarious

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Well randy! I might just try a new recipe soon so you’ll get to try it.

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With the leftover newspaper you can make a paper mache pinata and have a party tomorrow night

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That could be fun…lol but i’m going to a cookout with a lot ppl i don’t know tomorrow so i would prolly look weird showing up with a pinata…

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You can fill it with a bunch of unwanted bric a brac from around the house- or maybe with cupcakes

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I love new recipes! Hahaha, if you make a piƱata, that would be amazing. Espically if its filled with cupcakes!

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You can do ANYTHING at!

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Try this

Or this

@skg: if you are running out of questions, don’t (please don’t) find the rotten boring ones at the bottom of the barrel.

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Tell us more about yourself first.

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Rent a movie..make some popcorn. We Own the Night is good.

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What can’t you do is a better question.

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Walmart is exciting? How small is your town?

I recommend watching some TV and movies, you know, the quintessential way to waste time.

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Get into a book. (;

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Think about what you want to do tomorrow

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