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What one question would you ask an old high school friend?

Asked by zweinz (63points) November 15th, 2010

It could be a long lost best friend or someone you wish you knew better. Could be personal or generic, like “what did you do yesterday?”

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If it was a woman: Would you have banged me in high school?
If it was a man: Hey man, how’s life treating you?

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“So why didn’t you tell me this, or ask me out way back then?”

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“Where did you go?”

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Why did you break our engagement? we were doing great, then one night you just gave me my ring back to me. you gave no reasoing for the breakup, so why did you break our engagement? have not heard from this girl, since that night. still wondering what went wrong.

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What did I do? I know you say I should know, but I honestly have no idea what I could have done to make you so angry.

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Why didn’t you ever pay me back for your prom ticket?

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“Why did you throw that stick at me?”

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What the hell were you thinking, getting married when you were a Freshman????

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“Those candy cigarettes got me in trouble, you bastard!”

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To my senior prom date: Why no good night kiss? In fact, why no kiss the entire time we dated?

To the guy I lusted after, sort of dated post-graduation and ran into several years later: Why did you think I would be the person with whom you could cheat on your wife?

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Do you still have my Foo Fighters t-shirt?

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You never accepted my pogs challenge!

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“How has your life turned out?”

I’ve often thought I’d like just five minutes apiece with some number of people I knew decades ago and haven’t heard of since, just to hear the answer to that question.

And then that’s all, thanks.

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Where’s my Chumbwamba cassette?

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Are you as glad as I am that your kid isn’t our kid?

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Will you come to dinner and tell me what your life has been like?

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How is life with your man and you guy’s daughter? I know we liked each other at one point, but if it makes you comfortable, we can just forget about that and catch up.

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This happened to me a few months ago. A good friend of mine from grade four to ten wounded up in Montréal, and we hooked up.

I couldn’t ask just one question, and neither could she. But since she was back there with all the people I knew, some of these came out of me; so, who’s gay, who’s bald, and who’s dead?
We had a blast. Ecxept when I learned that one of our mates actually had passed away. :/

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I had the opportunity tonight after I first saw this question, found a classmate and old friend on facebook :)

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“Hey, you look different without all those pimples!”

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