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How can an auto insurance company issue insurance without your personal information?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) November 15th, 2010

“On the road with the General”, General Auto Insurance, that is. Their television commercial states they ask for no personal information, in order to issue you an auto insurance policy. How can this be? Personal information is your name, address, phone no., vehicle make and model and the insured autos vehicle identification number. If this is not personal information, then what is? Question: Is The General Auto Insurance Policy for real? How can a policy be issued to anyone, without their personal information? Have you seen this commercial?

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Good question. I have wondered this also. All I can come up with is they are charging astronomical prices and probably dump you when you have a claim. The way the commercial is portrayed, I get the feeling that you can get a policy from them just to show when you are buying a car to be able to leave with the car.

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Chyna, this is why i asked this question. every auto insurance policy i have ever received, on a traffic stop(including mine)has a world of a persons personal information on it. i am glad i am not alone in this endeavor. thanks for the answer. something is strange here. agree?

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Their website says they will give you a quote. “No Personal Info required for Quote!” with only your zip code. They are not issuing a policy only a quote.

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I think they playing with the definition of “personal information”.

Their web site says, “Why do you ask for my SSN [Social Security Number]?”

And also:
“What information do I need to purchase my policy?
You will need to have:
Drivers License Numbers
Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)
Finance/Lease Company name and address (if applicable)”

Update: I see @Tropical_Willie has a better answer – quotes are one thing, issuing a policy requires the usual personal information.

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Did i miss the words, “just for a free quote”? i will pay more attention to the commercial the next time i see it.

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