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What is a mistake that you keep making?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) November 15th, 2010

When my grandmother would pour a cup of milk, if the container was almost empty, she would try to pour it all in the cup, even if it started overflowing! I guess it was about not putting the container back in the fridge with just a a little milk in it.
Is there a mistake that you repeat fairly often? And if so, what does that tell you about yourself?

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Putting things off. It only makes it more difficult to do, when you finally get to it.

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I am constantly making the mistake of caring about what others think of me. I need to keep reminding myself that nobody gives a damn but those that love me.

What does this tell me about myself? I’m a caring person, almost too caring. It’s hard to not care when you’ve done it all your life.

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I often take a piss “hands free.” Whoo hoo radical eh! Yeah anyway, more often than not this will result in splash issues which the wife will rightly berate me for. So yeah, I should be more hands on when it comes to piddlin :¬)

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Falling in love.

Or more specifically being in love with someone.

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Forgetting things.

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Reading your questions.

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Accepting my neighbor’s apologies.

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Do you want a piece of me @free_fallin? >:-(

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Immediately getting involved with guys I don’t actually feel anything for, then staying with them for a long time because who turns down sex?

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