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Can you eat crappie, bluegill, or bass raw?

Asked by buster (10274points) April 4th, 2008

Ive been fishing this week and i got a bunch of crappie meat in the freezer. Im probably going to fry it but was wondering what is it like raw? Ive never seen those fish on a sushi menu at the restaurants ive been too.

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I wouldn’t suggest it.

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Go for it! Maybe you could just give it a quick steam!

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im definitely going to tag all of my future questions with “crappie” now that the floodgates have been opened.

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Might not parasites be an issue? I am only eating cooked fish once a month.

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I doubt it would be very flavorful. And also, I would think that open-ocean fishes like salmon and tuna are probably safer to eat raw compared to freshwater fish caught in relatively eutrophic waters like ponds or lakes. Lots more bacteria.

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Bear Gryles from Man vs. Wild does it all the time.

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If you haven’t don’t knoc it. Fish, tastes the same cooked or raw. There is the parasite issue BUT if the fish isn’t sick then try it. Another fact is that if a fish has a “problem” it will not bite.

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Any freshwater fish is safe to eat after freezing or cooking. It is also safe fresh and raw if served with real wasabi. Parasites and parasitic eggs are common in freshwater fish, and can cause flu like symptoms for a few days. Wasabi, freezing, or cooking will all kill these harmful critters.

If you follow these basic precautions, fish is safer to eat raw than poultry, beef, or pork is when cooked.

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