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Does entropy stop applying at a certain scale or only with certain forces?

Asked by Zyx (4147points) November 15th, 2010

Sort of a followup question to an earlier one, where I learned that entropy doesn’t diminish heat. So clearly the sticky forces don’t diminish either… Is there anything else I should know? Is this part of why quantum mechanics tend to be harder to understand?

(Also: did I formulate my question correctly?(Specifically the “applying” part.))

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“Is there anything else I should know?”

We all have more to learn.

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As I understand it, entropy is purely a statistical phenomenon and has no direct relationship with physics. It will apply as well at small scale as it does at large scale.

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Your question seems well formed to me.

Entropy only really applies to fully isolated systems. If a system is not fully isolated, external forces will constantly push it away from entropy. That said, as best we know the entire Universe is a fully isolated system, and so it should eventually reach a state of absolute entropy. However, there could be forces that will prevent the Universe from ever reaching that state. I do not believe we understand enough about the shape and dimensionality of space-time yet to predict what state its accelerating expansion will eventually take it to.

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@ETpro <<golf clap>>

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@ETpro So would you agree heat implies >0 extra dimension(s)? Or is that just ridiculous? There’s probably a lot of research into this I don’t understand yet but if heat is a warped spacial dimension shouldn’t there be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

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@Zyx I am unfamiliar with any theiry suggesting that heat is a dimension. Sorry, can’t be of any help there.

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