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How can I get $773 dollars by December 16th?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) November 15th, 2010 from iPhone

I work at a skating rink and I make minimum wage. Well, my mom is really depressed and brought up that she has never gone to Paris and she’s almost 50. I felt really bad. I had money saved up for a trip to Canada, but I’m gonna use it to send her to France. I was wondering what other suggestions you can give me to raise the money. I’m probably going to sell a few of my things as well. I really want to surprise her on Christmas. I really think it would lift her spirits. Ideas? Thanks! (:

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Step 1: setup an account on Go Fund Me and get all the details for your goal in there

Step 2: share the link to your go fund me on your facebook and with the world. You never know who will give you a dollar.

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I had two jobs, but I had to quit the other one because I was having a tough time finding time for my classes as well. I am thinking of waitressing.

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Not to squash your dream, but $773 won’t cover a trip to Paris. It will barely cover the airfare, but meals, hotels and ground transportation add up as well. Maybe you could combine your dream and hers and visit French Canada instead. Visiting Quebec City and Montreal is very much like visiting France.

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My mom can get that. I’m just buying the ticket. Sort of like a halfway thing.

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That happens to be my birthday, so i will really try to help. if you really hussle, you can make money with aluminum cans. also, Macys is hiring seasonal help, along with JC Penney, i believe you can apply online to both.

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@john65pennington That is a great idea. We have tons of Soda cans. I guess it’s time to start drinking on that one, lol. I’ll check at macy’s and other stores and restaurants at the mall out near my university.

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Waitressing will be your best bet as tips can be really good this time of year. What a really nice thing for you to do for your mom. I hope she knows what a special daughter she has.

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Darlin’, this is a wonderful idea and will probably touch the hell out of her. But take one piece of advice: don’t you buy the ticket.

First, she would probably rather not go alone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go with her?

Second, at a very rough rule of thumb, she could need $200 a day for hotel, meals, and other expenses in Paris. (Someone with more recent experience can probably supply a better figure.)

And third, she may not feel free to travel right now. She needs a passport, clothes, luggage—and time off, if she’s working.

The ticket could be nonrefundable or could have a hefty cancellation fee.

So why don’t you get her something toward a trip—say, a nice, practical carry-on bag if she doesn’t have one—along with a note proposing that you save for a trip together?

I was older than your mother when I fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit Scotland. Her chances aren’t over yet.

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UPS hires a lot of temporary workers (50,000) in the holiday season, and they pay pretty well.
You should certainly talk about this plan with your mother though, before buying a ticket. There are many reasons why she might be reluctant to go, fears about perhaps not speaking French, discomfort with the idea of traveling alone, or any of a number of other things. If you buy the ticket and she doesn’t want to go, that’s a big wasted effort and expense.

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I like @mrlaconic ‘s response, but additionally, I’m sure you have particular talents and skills. Craigslist is a gold mine for odd jobs. Check out the gig’s sections for random work and advertise your services as well. I make my entire living off odd jobs.

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