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Is there a slower version of the periodic table song?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4846points) November 15th, 2010

My teacher challenged the class to try to remember the whole periodic table song and I accepted the challenge. The problem is that the song is to fast for me. Anybody have a link to a slower version.

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Are you talking about Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements.” Simply sing it slowly.


Lehrer’s sings and the lyrics are typed underneath.

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@gailcalled yes that’s the song, but i need a slow version of the song to sing to.

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Learn the words. The melody is a famous one from Gilbert and Sulivan’s The Pirates of Penzance. The song is “A Modern Major General.”

Anyone who can play the piano by ear will be able to noodle this out. Do you have a music department in your school?

Here’s a site for downloading the sheet music.

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here a free trial for a playback speed control for youtube videos

And you could try it out with this phonetic version

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@gailcalled I didn’t even realize on your first link there was a slow version. It’s perfect, thank you.

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