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What should I do about the crack-heads who keep me up every night?

Asked by ben (8770points) November 9th, 2006
They hang out in the doorway, scream, and play music through all hours of the night. It sounds like they're right next to me. A month-long campaign of calling the police has so far been ineffective. Yelling at them hasn't worked well either. What can I do, other than move?
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Wear earplugs!
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Earplugs, would work, though they always fall out.
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You could always out-blast them with Barry Manilow or ABBA. Or you could do what my husband did. When he was in college, he had a problem with dorm-mates blasting music at all hours. So, he took his turntable that had the ability to play the same cut on a record over & over again. He put on Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man", turned it up to 11, locked his door and left. By the time he returned, the dorm got the message.
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My first visit to San Francisco, I got kept awake by a crackhead, who rang someone's door buzzer (across the street) for almost an hour. The friend I was staying with yelled out the window, "Take a walk around the block, ya crackhead." I guess it's a pretty obvious response, but maybe obvious is good.
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I may try that
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Is there a way of soundproofing the windows? That would probably be difficult, but maybe the landlord would pay for some improvements/special windows, since it's a problem that decreases the value of the property. Esp. if you threaten to move.
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try leaving your house for an hour. then come back. if they're still doing it, sleep at a friend's house.
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Take it to the court of public opinion. Video tape them, tape yourself calling the cops, note the lack of response and give it to some eager beaver media outlet, the news etc. Shame the SFPD into doing something.
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Move? But where to, crack heads are everywhere.
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I like GD Kimble's advice. This does sound like a good segment for a mini-documentary. It would be entertaining, even if it didn't get any airplay.
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crack some heads!
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sleep in your housemate's bed? the back room? ;)
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Call the police.
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Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
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i use a hepa filter fan thing to block noise, but lemme guess, lower haight? man, i've been there. we had a crackhead who would sing to her boombox on our stairs.....
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but seriously yell at them and ask them to friend has also taken to using water balloons for the drunks that hang out outside the bar in the lower level of his building....
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Update: My landlord installed a gate on our stoop. This has reduced the crack-selling, and improved the noise significantly.
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I just found this question, in my dorm we have a similar problem with people congregating outside the door at all hours of the night. My room is on the second floor, so I hear everything. Our solution: super soaker water gun.
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I realize this is an old question, but I heard once some late night markets that had this problem with people hanging around, started playing classical music and it solved the problem.

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Build a really fabulous cardboard condo—down the street.
May need to design fliers to get their attention.

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Errr crack heads are very impolite. I am glad your landlord did make the effort to do something. Shame you cant move.

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@zookeeny I have since moved. And I’m loving the quiet at the new place. :)

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