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Who are the Kardashian's?

Asked by babygalll (2768points) April 4th, 2008
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A group of people with the last name Kardashian?

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Robert Kardashian was a defense lawyer in the trial of O.J. Simpson. In the days following the murder, O.J. Simpson stayed in Kardashian's house.

I am not sure how many children Robert Kardashian has. Wikipedia says that Kim Kardashian has nine brothers and sisters, but this count includes step-siblings and half-siblings which means not all of them were sired by Robert Kardashian.

Of the Kardashian children, the only one that has been in the news is Kim Kardashian. Kimberly Noel Kardashian's initial media attention was primarily centered around her close friendship with Paris Hilton, but her notoriety exploded after it was revealed that she had made a sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray-J.

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