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what the heck is kombucha? sound awsome though… reminds me of SQUAB!!

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It’s a tea-like drink with live cultures. There are various brands but I like this one:

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Kombucha is soooooo yummy ^_^

unfortunately there is now where around here that has it for a reasonable price, theres no way im paying 3.50 for a 16oz drink


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Yeah, its BANK! There are places in NYC that charge 5 bucks for 16oz.! I have to say, that’s even worth if you’re hung over.

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yea its amazing all the different uses kombucha has.

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Earlier answers on this site. Easy to make your own at home.

“Kombucha mushroom”:

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I’m not sure what to make of it. I’ll drink it in small quantities, but I don’t think I could tackle a whole bottle myself. On the other hand, my eight test old son sneaks one into the cart everytime we stop at the co-op. He can, and will drink a whole bottle if left to his own devices. His favorite flavors are ginger and grape.

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there’s no reason to buy kombucha. if you find someone who brews it themselves they will constantly be needing to get rid of the “babies.” it’s easy and fun, but it does take up kind of a lot of space. i recommend juicing some ginger when you’re bottling, and adding it in with the kombucha, it’s delicious. i’ve done this with apples too but they tend to ferment intensely and explode the corks off the tops of the bottles.

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When I was sick with strep for a week and a half i started drinking it to make my tummy feel better…and now I am totally addicted!! I have one every day. The cheapest I have found is at Whole foods for 2.99 and if you buy a case, you get an additional percentage off the entire purchase. I am obsessed with the passionberry and trilogy. I also like the gingerberry one.

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Wow thanks, darkside

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