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Why do some people get "wine lips"?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) November 15th, 2010

Some people have an odd effect when they drink red wine.

All around their lips, a line appears, sort of purple. It looks strange indeed!

So I would like to know,

1. For curiosity, how is it developed? Why only with a small percentage of people?

2. How can it be prevented and/or solved in the best way when it happens?


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um…I just get a wine smile and always thought it was because I tip the glass up too far when drinking?...that or large glasses….

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Usually, it’s the dead skin on top of lips that get stained. Try to keep your lips exfoliated and moisturised.

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@cazzie is probably right.

I wouldn’t know exactly but wine is excellent for improvised experiments that require a stain. It probably just works on the dead skin because it’s no longer protected.

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Try not letting the wine actually touch the lips when you bring it into your mouth. Have the edge of the glass contact your mouth at the point where the lip tissue becomes inner mouth mucosa. Also, do not use your upper lip to contact the wine either, keep your mouth kinda open. Good Luck!

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@tigress3681 it occurs to me that if I tried that technique it would be more like quaffing, in which the whole glass would pass down my throat without touching the sides! lol… might give it a go!! ;-) x

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