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What is the overall better internet browser ----Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) November 16th, 2010

Based on speed, interface, security etc. Whatever you can think of. Which is the best in your opinion?

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Safari…I dumped the two you mentioned because of stupid bugs. Mozilla had waaay too many errors and Chrome had stupid log in problems on gmail (and I hadn’t even put in any add ons)

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I think it’s a matter of personal choice. I like how Firefox does some things and I like how Chrome does other things. Frankly, I’d be happy if someone took all the features of the browsers I like and stuffed them into one.

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@jlelandg, even as an Apple devotee I have to respectfully disagree with you regarding Safari. I use it whenever possible. Unfortunatly, some people are such Exploder (Explorer) sycophants that they make programs that will not work on anything but Explorer, and maybe Chrome and Firefox. I have a few sites such as my ex-bank and a some others which will not work on Safari. Keep in mind that I will always use Safari first, and only try the others when forced!

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Google Chrome is the best browser. Being a former long time (since 2004) mozilla user, I noticed that firefox used up TONS of memory. No web browser is ever gonna be completely safe and secure, because people will find a way around it. Both firefox and chrome offer good web page warnings and pop up blockers, but chrome is way faster. Safari is way too basic to even consider using, even all the mac heads I know dont use it, and safari is always rated low.

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Chrome (on Mac) has put the shine on me lately.

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@gracieT luckily I have yet to run into that problem. when will everyone catch up?

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I used Firefox for years, until Chrome came out. Firefox started getting too many plugins from third parties; how many times do I have to say “I don’t want Yahoo toolbar”?

What ticks me off is that we have corporate business apps (mostly from People soft) that only work well in IE. Try using another browser and half the time it crashes.

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I like Chrome a lot. It’s faster to surf and faster to get it to search. I am having a problem right now in that it won’t play any videos. It navigates to the link and the video never starts, no matter what I do.

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For development purposes, I rely on Firefox with its many plugins.

For pure browsing, I prefer Chrome. It’s fast, stable, and its tab behavior best fits my workflow. And its Incognito mode is the best of breed right now.

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I have always used Firefox, but have been debating whether or not I should move to Chrome. I’ve heard it’s great and possibly better than FF. I just don’t know if I want to leave all the cool add-ons I have on my FF browser.

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My opinion:

I prefer Google Chrome, I’ve been using it since Alpha. I use my web browser for web development, browsing, and research.

When using the browser for web development, even when I was using Firefox I did not like using all of the plugins – not only because they made my browser slow, but because I had been developing web sites long before browser plugins existed. I have a working workflow, and alt+tab isn’t performance or speed draining. In all of my computing, I hate programs that try to be the Swiss Army knife, and don’t focus on one or two functions. Google Chrome is the fastest, and focused on one thing – seeing a page correctly.

When I browse, typically I’m researching. Even though I’m no longer in school, my hunger for knowing is insatiable, so for me, browsing and researching are all the same thing. When I go on a knowledge binge, I typically have up to 15 tabs open. Of course, I’m not like those people who have 10 tabs in each of 10 windows – I honestly think they are wasteful of their computing resources by keeping windows they aren’t using open. I’m always mindful of my resources, since it affects electricity in a small way. Google Chrome is best for me because I can create a new tab, and the all-in-one bar allows me to type my search term immediately after creating the new tab. This is very efficient, and I love efficiency! I don’t have to move my mouse to a search bar, or type an extra keyboard shortcut…I am just ready to go after creating the tab.

Many people have had complaints about Google Chrome – saying there were bugs and crashes. Sad and happy to say that I’ve been happy since Alpha. I have not experienced these bugs people have complained about, at all. I believe it’s due to my computer build, or some other factor, though. Or that I’m not so demanding [at least I think I’m not] when it comes to my browser desires.

All I know is that when I fire up IE or Firefox or Opera out of obligation to my web development, I feel a strong discomfort at all the extra button pushes and clicking I have to do in order to get something done. When I open these other browsers, they don’t appear immediately. When I open these other browsers, searching isn’t as fluid, and I feel a little frustrated. My mind already works faster than I can type [a very typical human trait], but my short term memory is poor [QQ], and working in Google Chrome allows me to reduce the frustration, and allows an easier brain emptying in my search bar. LOL!

Makes no sense – but yeah.

tl;dr – I’m most COMFORTABLE in Google Chrome.

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Chome: It’s got a nice clean design, web pages seem to load faster, and I like how each tab you open starts as a unique process in task manager.. that way if one tab goes rouge you can just terminate it without dumping everything else.

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Firefox made me forget about IE
Chrome made me forget about Firefox.

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Like many others here, I used to be a Firefox fan, but I’ve recently fallen in love with Google Chrome. It’s fast, and the interface is minimal and non-distracting. Plus, it gets along nicely with Gmail, Google calendar, Google Docs, and all my other Google Apps.

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I find Chrome to be faster, but for some reason it refuses to play flash videos smoothly. Mozilla feels sturdier.

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I started using Chromium when Firefox really became too slow to be comfortable.

However, I recently started using the beta of Firefox 4, and Firefox is fast again! And I mean, Chrome fast. With extensions. Which is great, because it really still is the more pleasant browser, with more and better extensions, supported by a company and foundation with a great attitude, and better features overall. Panorma works more pleasant than I expected as well (as in: I actually use it).

So my advice to everybody who switched from Firefox to Chrome due to speed would be: be sure to check out Firefox 4 when it is released.

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If you don’t use it, it’s because you don’t get it.

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I use lynx because adding color, graphics, Flash, and sounds to the web is just entrenching crass commercialism into something that should be free! Free! FREE! If you can’t tell me what you mean using words, man, then you can’t communicate.

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@mrentropy . . . you sooo should have known me when i was running on a commodore 64

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Those damned kids and their flashy eye-rape!

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@Blondesjon Why? Were you using a war dialer to hack into mainframes in an effort to bring down The Man?

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No, I was trying to hack Datasoft and pirate some kick ass gam . . . er . . . uh, I’ve already said too much.

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Datasoft? You were in the mood to play “Dallas Quest?” Or maybe… “Alternate Reality!”

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I was trying to find Jeff McCord. I wasn’t looking in the right place.

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I keep both open. I like the speed and simplicity of Google Chrome but the Web Developer support of Firefox and its add-ons like Firebug.

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If you want to get nostalgic with NCSA Mosaic, there’s an emulator for you.

(full list is here).

P.S. Sorry @erichw1504, they don’t provide one for yours.

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How did Microsoft let it’s browser go? Is it because they have a huge established user base that can’t be bothered to use anything else? Are they losing market share? Do they care?

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I’m also partial to Net+

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@wundayatta Sure they care. That’s why they’ve been busting their humps on IE8 and IE9. I think they figured they had the segment locked and that’s why they kind of stopped doing anything around IE6 until they realized they’d better start moving.

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Here‘s an artist’s rendering of the major web browsers.

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@robmandu That sums it up perfectly.

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@mrentropy IE 5, 5.5 and 6 were so horrible in their refusal to meet W3C standards for how browsers are supposed to work and render pages that I have to think it was deliberate. I can’t believe the engineers at Microsoft are that incompetent.

Their browsers DID work perfectly with pages built using Microsoft FrontPage. I think they were trying to convince the public that ONLY Microsoft products work well on the Web and the entire Internet should just adopt Microsoft and forget upstarts like the W3C or other software companies even exist. Thankfully, if that’s what they wanted to do, it didn’t work. But for us Web developers it sure has created years of grief and writing hacks to make pages that comply with standards also work in IE 5—6.

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@ETpro Yes, paragraph #2 all the way. And it’s still causing problems because some companies run custom web apps that are designed to only work with IE6. I imagine this came back to haunt Microsoft when they realized some companies would upgrade past Windows 2000 (or whatever) because they couldn’t get IE6 to run on anything newer.

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google chrome is 10x better

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I like Firefox for all the control-ability. Chrome is so stripped down some things just can’t be done with it. I also like FIrefox for the plug-ins. As a Web developer, Firebug is an essential tool for me.

I like Chrome because it’s lightweight and loads fast. It also lets me se how one more rendering engine is going to treat a page.

I always run both.

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