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What does getting the "Red ring of death" on the xbox360 only once mean?

Asked by bomyne (636points) November 16th, 2010

Just tonight i played my 360 for 5 hours straight for the first time in about a year… i pressed the power button to turn it off…. TV went blank but the green circle on the 360 turned red. Worried, i pressed it again and the xbox turned back on and the tv came to life… The 360 worked fine. i pressed the button again and the system shut down normally.

Does this mean anything?

EDIT: I just got the red ring again after turning it off for an hour… i turned it offand back on and it works properly again

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time to call support! you’re scaring me.

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Yup, call microsoft and ream them out. Maybe they’ll give you a new game for your dissatisfaction.

Those communists.

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Yea hope your shit is under warranty. Call now and get it sent back and fixed

I just got the RRoD myself. So I went and bought a new slim one 4gb just like my last one and now I cant play coop and firefight in halo reach cause it says i need a HD. Its fucking bullshit honestly.

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The console was bought second hand (Because of the runaround MS gave me trying to get the disk drive fixed on the first 360 i had) so i don’t think i can get MS to help me, sadly :(

Should i just simply buy a new console then? These rings of death have me worried but at this moment the console is playing a game just fine.

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Yea or ask for one for christmas and try and make this one hold out till then.

Just dont get the 4gb slim cause i feel like if its fucking me over with halo it probably will with a couple other games down the road

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I would just buy a second console if I were you. I had the exact same problem last year.

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If it gets worse and isn’t under warranty, there’s no harm in trying the towel trick and when that stops working the penny trick
I have 5 360s that various friends have given me in disgust (before buying new ones, Halo slaves) and 3 have lasted +2 years after the penny fix… still going.

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The towel trick is a horrible idea. The thought process is to overheat it to make the solder melt and reconnect. Problem is, it overheats all the other components in the xbox as well

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I agree about the towel trick. I don’t like the idea of intentionally overheating a computer (and an xbox is a mini computer).

I’d like to try the penny trick, but we don’t have any copper coins in my little corner of the world. Our coins are made of silver and gold. (Or compounds of them. I don’t know exactly lol). :( I might just buy a new xbox 360… My only concern being is will my harddrive fit on one of the slim xboxes.

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