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Would you rather date a "hot" or a "cool " person?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) November 16th, 2010

Hot is all about physical beauty
Cool is all about style and attitude(this includes personality too)
So who would you choose?

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It really depends on how un-hot the cool person is and how un-cool the hot person is.

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I would choose cool but you can have both. I have both.

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At this point, I wouldn’t be that particular.~

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As a hormone crazed teen it was always hot, but after awhile you realize hot sometimes fades, cool stays around. (Been to any reunions?)

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I would rather date someone who defies labels.

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@chyna Here’s a cyber hug.

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It wouldn’t matter so much as long as they could teach me a thing or two. I think I’d prefer hot if she was pretty smart. Cool and smart is ok, but my eyes would keep on roving and I don’t like that. I would want someone hot enough to keep me from seeing anyone else.

Of course, neither my wife nor I are cool, according to our kids. That doesn’t bother me; I was never cool. She is not as hot as she once was, but she’s definitely got it going. Personally, I was never hot, either. Intelligence, I’m told, is where my charms lie.

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Neither, well the wife would bloody kill me.

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Cool, cool, cool!
well, hot definitely doesn’t hurt…
nope, I’d rather have cool. You can always turn the lights off as long as you can have interesting conversations in the dark.

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Cool. I can’t stand beautiful, dumb women.

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cool! well, even if temptation makes you go for the hot one sometimes :P

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

These are rather strange distinctions but cool I guess

JLeslie's avatar

Cool. Although, my husband is hot and cool I think.

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@JLeslie Are you the jelly with a husband with the long hair?

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All I look for in a date is enough discretion not to tell my wife about it.

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I prefer the warmth of my wife to the temperature of anyone else.

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@chyna yes, it is longish. But only has been for the last 6 or 7 years. It was short most of our marriage.

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@JLeslie Then he’s hot in my book. I love long hair.

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@chyna But, he is a whole package, know what I mean?

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@JLeslie enough about your husband’s package now…

@chyna My hair is down to my ass… I’m just throwing it out there…

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I’ll take cool.

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@crazyivan Pics or it isn’t so.

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I’ve done both and experience favors “cool” for lasting power.

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@crazyivan not that kind of package. Haha. I didn’t even think that when I wrote it. I meant strong work ethic, good looking, funny, nice smile, smart, dresses well, etc. Oy.

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I preferred easy in my younger, single days.

Nowadays I just prefer @jonsblond.

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Hotties are a dime a dozen. Cool is a lot more rare, a lot more interesting, and a lot easier to get along with over the long haul. : )

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Neither, my wife would object and my fear of my wife is stronger than my desire to “fool around”. She’s Irish and she’s armed.

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Dating the hotties was fun and had it’s moments, but for the long haul I take cool with style. Sassy confidence is much more fun!

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@Joybird gets the best answer from me. I will be different here and say I prefer a warm person.

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I would say cool would be the better choice because a hot person’s looks could change in an instant (skipped the gym for a few days, gained acne,etc) as with a cool person’s attitude it wouldn’t change as quick. A cool person could also turn into a hot person in a few weeks. All they got to do is start working out and basically just changing there appearance for the better. They would soon become perfectly warm.

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Just someone who you feel a connection with , and whom you experience mutual care , honesty , trust & respect. Thats what its about for me.

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For me, personality is more important, so I will have to go with cool.

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