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What color are most Puerto Ricans?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) November 16th, 2010

Key word – most.

Just wondering what everyone’s impressions of Puerto Rico are. I just watched a “Visit Puerto Rico” commercial.

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Photo taken in NY, New York.

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Varies from essentially “white” to “black”. Puerto Rico is a diverse country.

What a strange question.

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Eh, not strange really. I’ve run across many people who believe anyone who is not fair skinned and says they are Puerto Rican is lying or mixed. Sad, really.

Puerto Ricans are a mixed people, period. As long both your parents are Puerto Rican, in my book, you are as well.

Bah, you could say it’s personal, me.

The city people tend to be fair skinned, out in the country, where there are more people, they are shades of brown. That’s my experience.

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Puerto Ricans come in just about every shade of skin, hair and eye color you could think of.

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they’re the same color as Americans. They’re American citizens from a territory of the U.S.

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We are the color of the rainbow. LOL
We are a diverse mixture. Our ancestors are originally the natives of the island. The Taino Indians
Many were mixed with the Spaniards, and African slaves. So we range in color but the original Tainos where a dark tan color with dark hair, large foreheads, and short stature.
But we are a mixture of Europeans, Africans and Taino. Today there are very few who are a direct desendant of the Taino Indians.
Oh, and there were many ships that use to stop in Puerto Rico on the way to South America, and Mexico and surrounding Islands so the mixture even extends past that.
I know in my family we have from light skin, blue eyes to dark skin with curly hair. Some very short others very tall. And that is the same on my dad and my moms side of the family.
Myself, I am probably what most people think of typical Puerto Rican. Short, dark straight hair, olive skin, and dark eyes. (My eyes have a slight asian slant so very often I have been confused for Okinawan.) Which goes to show there is a possibility some Asian person stopped by to visit a great, great, great, grandma. LOL

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That’s like saying what color are Hispanics. They are all colors and why should anyone care?

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I think that’s what she’s getting at. In the US we tend to have a general, but definite “color” for people from a given Caribbean nation and the advertising here really represents the stereotype. A friend from the Virgin Islands pointed out the same thing to me.

Haiti and Jamaica are seen as “black” while the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are shown as Hispanic even though they’re all within a couple hundred miles of each other. Their populations just aren’t that different.

It might be over simplifying it, but I think it comes down to the names, Spanish name = Spanish people in our heads.

By the way, Cubans all wear military uniforms and smoke cigars, just an FYI.

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lol @funkdaddy !

And yes, that’s what I was getting at. The advertising only showed fairskinned Puertorriquenos, and dark hands drumming a drum… as if somehow the dark ones were some type of native and the fair skinned ones were associated with the resorts. Hurt a little because I know it isn’t true…

I’m a copper skinned Puerto Rican, with long wavy hair and brown eyes.

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@squirbel I have to say that I love all ladies and am completely without prejudice as to race, color, or creed. You sound nice but stay away from me, I’m a dirty old man.

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lol! Taken, so I’ll be safe~ xD But dirty old men all deserve kisses on their [edit]face-cheeks :P

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Thanks, I think we’ll leave it there.

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