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I want to put "S.P.Q.R." on something. Any suggestions?

Asked by Nullo (21916points) November 16th, 2010

A crazy whim that comes and goes.
Tattoos are out, unless I find myself in dire need of ink.

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Put it in your profile.

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put it on your doormat.

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Are you roman? Brand it on yourself with a tattoo of an eagle :D

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Perhaps a monogrammed ascot?

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Carve it into a tree, get a sword and have it inscribed.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir This answer wins. Fuck the rest lol XD

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@Symbeline Yeah, you would like swords, :)

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On the wall opposite your toilet seat.

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I would suggest a tomb stone.

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you are in dire need of ink. tattoos are always a good idea.

do it yourself. i’m in the middle of doing my own right now. taking a break for a while though – letting it heal before i continue anymore


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One idea would be for fluther to utilise it. S tart P roducing Q uality R esponses. A little draconian perhaps, but could work.

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I like the idea of a doormat styled like a rectangular manhole cover like those you see in Rome.

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