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What is the best method/process to learn an accent? For example, Irish.

Asked by rm2dance (20points) November 17th, 2010

Must be from experience, or people reliable.

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The best way is to immerse yourself with people who speak with that particular accent. You will find yourself starting to speak with different a different inflection and accent.

I went to Israel over the summer for about a month and found it tough to shake myself of the Israeli accent for a few weeks.

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Lacking the ability to immerse yourself, listening to it spoken (audio) should help.

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Movies movies movies! I recommend The Secret of Roan Inish and Waking Ned Devine to start.

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For some people, they are just more easily affected, so an accent would rub of on them, but others, we need a method, a process.

Does anyone here have experience in acting, accents, or phonetics?

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There is only one real way to learn Irish accents, and that is to frequent Irish pubs.

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