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Why are you home tonight?

Asked by adrianscott (621points) April 4th, 2008
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I’m going on a trip tomorrow morning, and we didn’t want to leave tonight, I think.

Ergo i’m chilling and chat and waiting for dan to get on.

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Hanging out with Iceblu at his house.

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Chillin with Uberbatman at my house

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I have sleeping children and I don’t get out much at night anymore. I suppose I could but that would mean my partner would need to stay here and that doesn’t seem fair, even if he’s working.

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@Megan64 yea.. but we all need our ME time here and there, maybe u can set a night where you can go out =]

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I just finished playing a two hour tennis match and I’m wiped. Plus, I know that this weekend I will be busy playing more tennis, doing my homework and projects, and hanging out with my friends. Taking some me time for a few hours after a busy week.

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True. I do a baking class 2x a week at night, so I guess that’s getting out, yes?

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Because it is really Saturday afternoon on the GMT+11 side of the world and I have no friends.

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I’m on the 6 month period after I got my license / before I turn 16. So I’m not allowed to drive after sundown (by law) Otherwise I’d be downtoooooown :p

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Im actually at work, but I’d rather be at home. That’s to all you who want to go “out”, but have nothing to do.

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I just got in from being out but i would have prefered to stay in because out was really lame tonight.

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Because I want to snuggle with my wife, and that’s where she is!

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Well, apparently I’m home tonight so my wife and I could have a fight…

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…because it’s where I live.

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@iSteve – sorry to hear that buddy :( you okay?

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We’re good now, thanks! The making up makes it all worth it!!!

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Because I love spening time with my family

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