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Are you obsessive with checking emails and messages on various sites you use?

Asked by MagicalMystery (900points) November 17th, 2010

I ask because I am obsessive and almost addicted to checking emails, websites (such as Fluther or FB) for emails and messages. Sometimes at work I do it non-stop. At home, on the occasions when I have free time, I click back and forth between the various sites, or I log off, go do something, and check back an hour or two later to see what’s new.

Am I obsessive with this or do other people do the same thing?

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Mostly I keep my email open all the time. There are some accounts I rarely check, mostly because I don’t expect anything new there. But that reminds me…. :-)

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Yes, all the time and I don’t understand why I don’t get used to the disappointment that nothing much happens (not on Fluther though!) and get a grip and stop doing it!

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I have been obsessive about it, but I recently decided to move all my vital email to one account. It’s much easier now.

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Yes, I have been obsessive and I am trying to break that habit and get more richness out of real life.

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Yes. I check my emails constantly – I have 2 personal emails and 2 for work (I use to have a lot more).
As well as my Fluther PMs. I don’t check Facebook as much unless I receive an email alerting me to a message or comment.

Then I got my pornotube updates to check up on, ya dig?

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I know just what you mean and I do the same when online. When I have a day away or when I am on holiday I like to leave all that behind me and I don’t check anything at all and I don’t miss it.

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I go on random kicks.

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Now that I have a smartphone, I find myself checking my e-mail and fb constantly.

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I used to be but not so much anymore. I usually check my personal emails once or twice a day and Facebook and Fluther two or three times a day.

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I am, but not as much as I used to be.This issue seems very similar to OCD. You probably do it a lot because it’s a comforting ritual or you’re bored.

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I get most of my emails on my iPhone filtered through Gmail first. Still a lot of junk. I try NOT to log into Facebook more then once a WEEK. Yes, a week…

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