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What do you think of the new (ish) Propoints scheme of Weight Watchers?

Asked by nebule (16436points) November 17th, 2010

We’ve only just got it over here in the UK and I’m struggling to adjust (but then I’ve been struggling to lose for a while. It just seems like I’m eating too much!

What are your experiences with the new diet? (I believe the US and Europe has had it running for a year now?) Have you lost weight? Do you stick to it rigidly or eat less than recommended? All stories welcome!

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I don’t care for any noteworthy diets or plans.
I’ve actually been losing weight for the first time in ten years by doing the following:

-Use the time you get to move, to move a LOT. For me it’s riding a bike as you have full control of how hard you want to push yourself and when you get into it you can keep going for a really really long time because it doesn’t deliver the shocks running does.
-Don’t eat on a schedule, just try to eat less and less and the hunger will disappear too. EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU LIKED IS NOW OFF THE MENU.
-Find out what other people are eating that might be healthier than what you had in mind.
-In the morning and evening do some excercises to build up muscle, so you can move longer without as much discomfort.
-Don’t stop working on it until you can look in the mirror and want to rape yourself.
(not there yet)

Meh, works for me.
I am somewhat interested in other people’s recent experiences.

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Mine is about the same as yours. I’ve lost over 60 pounds, and, like you, my favorite exercise is bicycling. I started hardly able to get up the block; now 25 miles is a breeze.

It’s also about mental preparation. I don’t think about being “on a diet:” I think that I am changing my eating patterns for my entire life.

Gimmicks don’t work.

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doesn’t look like there are many jellies that follow WW..skulks off to bed

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Probably not. That may be because they aren’t very effective.

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@nebule I actually think WW is one of the best diets around because it is very sensible. I lost 22 pounds on it years ago. I am aware of the points system which gives you choices, but not ProPoints. Anything that works for you, that you can stay on and is not extreme is a good diet.

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@crisw that’s tantamount to saying that any weight loss program doesn’t work, which they clearly do…hundreds of thousands if not millions of people lose weight with weight watchers…and keep it off (granted some don’t) just like the hundreds and thousands of people that lose weight without it, some of which keep it off and some who put it back on. Putting weight back on is not the fault of the program it’s the fault of person.

I draw your attention to the conclusion, which states: ” With the exception of 1 trial of Weight Watchers, the evidence to support the use of the major commercial and self-help weight loss programs is suboptimal. Controlled trials are needed to assess the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of these interventions

I would proffer that to make a carte blanche statement based on one research project that these plans don’t work is a big generalisation that doesn’t look at the psychological reasons why these program might not be as effective as they need to be…and in comparison with what exactly??

Some people need the discipline and support of programs like weight watchers even if that is at a cost. Weight watchers is a lot cheaper than some alternatives, Lighter Life, Liposuction, Slimfast…to name but a few…

And finally, I have lost 2 stone on the plan already and managed to keep it off so far with a little fluctuation which is better than how I did when I wasn’t attending meetings and getting weighed…when I put on 3 and half stone. So I beg to differ and the research article cited doesn’t convince me.

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