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What out of state moving companies can I trust?

Asked by KendraW (72points) November 17th, 2010

I’m moving 770 miles and I’m trying to find a good reliable company. I’ve talked to two people from two different companies (united states van lines and world moving). Both seemed very nice and informative, but I just went online to look at reviews for the companies and they both had HORRIBLE reviews!
So has anyone recently moved and had a good experience with a moving company?
And what are the most important questions to ask a company before I sign anything?

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North American is the one my mom used back in the day – we needed an 18 footer. QQ

I really liked everything they did – they packed excellently, and delivered timely. Everything went very smoothly. I don’t know what else you’d want, but I’m sure they can take care of your every need.

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We moved from Michigan to Texas, at the time.

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I would’ve thought those two would be reliable. My friends SIL found an inexpensive one on the internet and two weeks after they picked her stuff up, they found the truck on the side of the road with just the stuff they didn’t want.
The company I used to work for has moved three times and used United, but it was all within the same city and had no problems.

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When or company moved us, they contracted with Allied Van Lines. I haven’t heard of any problems.

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Mayflower is another company that has a good reputation.

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TROSA Moving!! Great people! Competitive pricing. Don’t think you need to be in North Carolina to use them. I plan to use them again!! Do not worry that they are recovering substance abusers – they take their work very seriously – very professional. Here is a link to their 2 year treatment program –

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A word of caution: whomever you decide to use, please check them out thoroughly before you sign a contract. this is for several good reasons. No. 1 most moving companies hire only ex-convicts. they work cheap and sometimes good through your personal items. No.2 movers weight adjustment can be completely different on the day you leave, rather than the date you arrive. this is a shifty trick to gain more money from you. No. 3 before you hire anyone, check with your Better Business Bureau. they will tell it to you, like it is.

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Good Luck, Kendra. I have had horrible moves with national companies – crap shoot. all depends on quality of driver and quality of hired hands the driver manages to scrounge up. you are right to be concerned. hideous process. again good luck.

TROSA has a good program – workers are motivated to make it work – to overcome the reputation of substance abuse. they must be committed to enter a 2 year residential program. Because TROSA does not pay the workers, they can assign plenty of help to the job. workers teach each other. they don’t beg for tips as they aren’t allowed to receive them. Workers do appreciate good snack food – gotta push them to take it – very humble, TROSA assigns the best and most committed workers to the road trips. WIN WIN!

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Always inspect your goods before packing and shipping, if there are damages note them. Inspect yet again after recieving goods. Good companies should pay for damages. They wont normally do that with plywood or particle board though. If you pack things yourself, you further limit their liabilities; of course paying them to pack clearly costs more.

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Thanks everyone! Great advice! Silly me for thinking hiring a moving company would be easy and stress free! My husband and I are seriously considering just renting a U-haul and doing everything ourselves.

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Please do few more research on that companies. Don’t go with incomplete information, just ask with your any friends, colleagues. You may also read their rules & policies to clarify your all doubts.

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