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When were you the happiest to be proven wrong?

Asked by Blondesjon (33976points) November 17th, 2010

We all love to be right and having a topic you have hotly debating proven to be 100% correct on your end is an amazing feeling.

That’s easy.

When were you actually happy (not necessarily at that exact moment) to be proven wrong?

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When I was a young teenager and a virgin, I thought I was pregnant (because I sat in the bathtub and thought that maybe my brother’s sperm went up my vagina..he took a shower before me and I knew he masturbated in the shower…okay, please don’t ask) and drove everyone insane until mom took me to the doctor and he said I’m not pregnant and that I was wrong – incidentally, this was when the whole Monica Lewinski/Clinton fiasco happened because I remember it being on TV in the waiting area.

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When I realized my father was a brain-sucking alien, I would have liked to have been proven wrong, but alas… it hasn’t happened yet.

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Yes.I was told I had glaucoma.I don’t.It’s something entirely different.Yay. ;)

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I had an internship interview for a well-regarded place when I was in college. I looked like crap, I was quite heavy and my clothes didn’t fit (not to mention they were cheap as all get out and looked it), my hair was orange and my make-up was pink-based where I am not at all pink.

In the last moments of the interview, the woman interviewing me made a face where her brow wrinkled a bit. I thought I was done for. And then she said, “Can you start January 15?” Turns out she was just trying to figure out what department to place me in. I went from my stomach hitting bottom to floating on air, all in the span of about 45 seconds.

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I learned at a young age that many men boys could be assholes that didn’t care about anyone other than themselves and getting a piece of ass. Boy did you prove me wrong @Blondesjon. Thank you.

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My fiancĂ© and I had been in a relationship for about a year and a half when my issues with anorexia resurfaced. I was fully convinced that when I told him he would decide that I was too much work and not worth it. He has since proven otherwise. He doesn’t even get irritated when I’m having a hard time or treat it as an inconvenience; he just does what he can to help me stay healthy.

Likewise, I have a couple friends that have stuck by me through some ridiculous stuff. I tend to automatically believe that people will quit when it gets too hard, but I have a few friends that have proven they will never give up on me. I am so grateful for people that love me even when I’m a mess.

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This is extremely tough for me….I was diagnosed with MS and as devastating as it was refused to believe it and thankfully I was misdiagnosed! I felt re-born hearing those words!!! WOW!! But for 4 long days I suffered with the concept of a very serious life changing disease. Worst 4 days of my life and when I heard the words “you are OK” made me break down and cry and I shed tears today now knowing someone I care about has this for real….I am not worthy of their fortitude and courage.

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A former teacher of mine was born with cystic fibrosis. He had his left lung removed and replaced with one lobe donated from each of his two closest friends. During my junior year, he was rushed to the hospital because his body was rejecting the organs. I didn’t want to tell anyone, but I was convinced we were going to lose him.

I cannot tell you how fucking glad I am to be wrong. He is now the vice principal of the high school and, to this day, one of the most inspirational people I have ever met.

Si se puede! ... as he always says :)

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I had some serious complications after surgery and was in the hospital for weeks. No one could figure out what the problem was. I was ready to die and was certain that I would. Turns out my mom and the doctor both thought I would, too. I’m happy we were all wrong.

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I used to think we could never be free from the pure chaos that maybe created the universe but it turns out there is structure in all things. I used to worry I wasn’t even going to be attractive when and if I ever got fit again. But now that I’m starting to lose the weight women have been saying I’d look great if I was in better shape. I’m bragging about it but they were thankfully a bit more subtle.

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For most of my life, I was sure I was going to die young (I figured I’d last until 35, at the most). I had my first serious medical issue at age 4, my first suicidal thought at age 5, and for my entire 14th year I was certain my abuser was going to literally kill me. So sure that everywhere I went I carried a note in my pocket implicating him in my death. I continue to suffer from serious medical issues and felt suicidal impulses well into my early 30s. I’m now 43 years old, and damn happy I was wrong. :)

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@augustlan : I’m glad you were wrong, too, Sweetie, can’t imagine being without you, now…
I’d actually answer the question, but every time I try I just can’t.

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@JilltheTooth Maybe you’re 110% optimistic.

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@Zyx : I like that, but really it’s just too personal.
Oh! I just thought of one I’m comfortable telling! Because of infertility issues I believed (and was told often) that I could never have a child. Then I had KatawaGrey… very glad to be proven wrong!

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There have been times in my relationship where I have doubted whether my boyfriend really loved me. I have been proven wrong every time. Now I have learnt that he just finds it more difficult to express his love but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel it.

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In 1988 when I found out that America is different from how it was portrayed in the Dallas and Dynasty series.

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@mattbrowne : You watched Dallas and Dynasty? My universe just imploded. ;-)

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@JilltheTooth – Occasionally in the 80ies. Everybody in Germany was talking about it at the time.

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Who DID shoot JR, @mattbrowne? I can’t remember!

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@Dutchess_III Kristen (played by Mary Crosby) his evil sister in law. Sue Ellen’s sister. He had an affair with her and then dumped her as far as I remember.

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I’ve heard there’s some kind of offshoot series involving the “lost” brother Gary.

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Meh. I know I flipped past it. Then again, I was 11 or 12 during its peak popularity and nighttime soaps have never been my cuppa.

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I like the America as portrayed in Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother.

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OK, @mattbrowne , my faith in you is restored.

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Wait, I take that back. High-brow it may be, and a searching character study, but I guess Mad Men is also a soap. Of sorts.

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My strong belief that I did not like cats turned out to be false. Lucky Milo (lucky me).

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When I realized I was much stronger than I believed myself to be and found the courage to leave an abusive marriage. I discovered I had the wingspan of an Albatross concealed under the plumage of a Sparrow. ;-)

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