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Lights on or off?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) April 4th, 2008

Do you prefer lights on or off during sex?

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babygall, you must be horny, with all of your questions. On for me

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On unless it’s a 3 a.m. wake up call.

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night, off, morning-noon time its light anyways haha

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funny funny qc

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I like a dim lighting. It’s comfortable and you can still see the other person. It’s more intimate.

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lights off i like it off you can still see alot

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I prefer the lights off with a few candles!

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I usually don’t even notice whether they’re on or not.

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I like to look in the eyes of the person I’m making love to and/or watching it go in and out. Lights PLs

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You know, I’m good with either way.

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I like them dim

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TV ON,lights OFF.

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@dine: I feel sorry for your partner.

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As do I. Ugh.

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